A ride in Russia 12.10.2017

The scandal surrounding the sexual harrasment from Harvey Weinstein is not only not subside, but continues to flare up every day. It is now clear that a dismissal of a producer is not limited. What started with an article in the New York Times, and was in private accusations by Actresses rose McGowan and Ashley Judd that Weinstein promised them promotion in his career in exchange for sexual pleasure, over the past few days has grown into a mass campaign, where dozens of charges, including rape, in “the case of comrade Weinstein” had already spoken literally all traditional speakers virtual Hollywood “women’s Union” from Meryl Streep at Lena Dunham , inclusive. But if it is limited to one layoff or divorce (and already came to that), it still would have remained a private story, especially because even in court, it seems, no one is not going to go, and this in a country of litigation at the slightest reason usually means I’m in full dutosti charges. However, there is a wave Haight only continues to grow, and have moved from particular person all around.

And the “Weinstein company” urgently going to rename it, and Amazon suddenly revises its production plans in cooperation with the company, cancelling the second joint show, and to the owner of “Miramax” company “Disney” flying telegrams, they say, did the leadership of major misconduct comrade Weinstein at the time of purchase “Miramax”?

But the best thing, of course, comes on the personal front, that is in the public Twitter correspondence. Judd and McGowan wrote literally everyone who has ever worked with the Weinstein brothers (the brothers had already about this publicly I guess the claws), Cho you, they say, are silent, how does it feel to take blood money from the cursed Weinstein? Especially got while Ben Affleck an, Matt Damon, George Clooney, Quentin Tarantino, Kevin Smith and Seth Rogen, that is, people who directly need the old Harvey a lot of help in their personal careers. And those that preferred to keep silent or spoke too restrained, immediately received the collar a wave Haight, that Mama do not cry. In General,

A ride in Russia 12.10.2017

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