About the benefits of atrial fibrillation 08.10.2017

The social network, the most thorough of which is Facebook (of whose origin very casuistically told David Fincher back in 2010), changed the approach to everything including cinema. Mark Zuckerberg (as soon as it is called) in the worst nightmares could not imagine that his harmless attempt to get rich and win a pretty girl will turn a nightmare that will lead to a revolution in Egypt, the fluctuations of the dollar, political assassinations and election manipulation, playing a role similar to that of Watergate, but without a hint of evidence.

The Russian-speaking segment of Facebook can not be called senseless and merciless, like the Russian revolt, however, from English and other is it different role in life. Characteristically, foreigners feel it too — meaning Russian-speaking emigration. On the territory of the Russian Federation registered Facebook users — at least 2.5 million (in contrast to the USA, where they 143.5 million), but most went to the United States, Europe, Israel or South-East Asia continues to exist as if “here” mentally. Their “tape” is not full of foreign entries foreign “prendimi”, as is the case with other (e.g., native of Angola, moving to Madrid or Zurich, then acquires already “there” midst a Facebook contacts in many new languages — from Swahili to Rhaetian). Likely, this trend stems from the fact that the Russian segment of Facebook negotiate is not the fact of “Dating” and their number, but also their cognitive value.

Cinema as an art in the age, according to W. Benjamin’s “technical reproducibility” fully “served” the cognitive needs of the twentieth century, that have completed probably the era of “high rationality” (the term of V. Bibler). But before the Millennium there have been attempts to slip out of the linear mind in a linear, from the inevitability of time — it is as inevitable multidimensionality. In addition to the “zaum” or manifestations of pretentious untalented people appeared non-linear literature of M. Pavic, the forerunner of all the spin — offs and fan fiction. “The Khazar dictionary” can be read from any place, “Landscape painted with tea” had two different endings for girls and boys, and the “Box for writing utensils” on the last page already sent to the email address, just typing that in the computer, it was possible to see a parallel final. Exactly in 2000, the movie also created “hypertext” — it was a unique “Time code” by Mike Figgis. But if you renounce the “pure reason”, as it allowed themselves to postmodern, to rely on? And here came the social network.


Facebook became public only ten years ago, in September 2006, but a snapshot of development provided to him right from the start that the nature of hypertext. Technically it was suddenly possible to simultaneously “be” in multiple “places” and “events” to connect to multiple “credam” and thus confirming the ambiguity of the moment, ie, its bigger than before, immortality. Even if it is not recognized, the social network “prolong” life and it’s not so much about the “live” accounts of many dead people whose comments are still present in the threads neskolkomi ago, and the conversation continues again and again. Talking about the possibility to record higher capacity, residence time, more close to the real course of thought, the expansiveness of consciousness, it is the nonlinear length that does not necessarily mean schizophrenia. There are moments when communication between two people occurs directly on the Facebook page — publicly, in the midst a Facebook chat — intimate, and you can still connect voice and not go crazy. Just a little to catch up to the brain much faster.

Of course, not all use social networks to their full advantage. In addition to pure communications, have not gone away strategies of manipulation and self-presentation. With the advent of the Internet people no longer think, on the contrary — the majority of users it only multiplied the laziness of the mind. But it was all perfectly visible and re-classified. Became easier to spot the Troll (“thick” or “thin”), a spammer, a fake, a flood, a fake account, a false accusation. Everything in life is there is called bullying, provocation, molestation, fraud, but grabbed the arm much more difficult. Four thousand years ago, Hammurabi, the order had to invent the criminal code, and he is still working through the stump deck, and inside of social networks instantly, without limits and courts have developed a well-reasoned classification of the models of communication, acceptable and unacceptable. The richest collection of arguments have been presented in a spoof of the Wikipedia online encyclopedia

About the benefits of atrial fibrillation 08.10.2017

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