After “Mission” Christopher mcquarrie will “Chameleon” 27.07.2017

Christopher mcquarrie has signed a contract with Netflix on the adaptation of article by David Facet of the New Yorker in 2008,”the Chameleon” (“Chameleon”).

In the center of the plot — the story of a French con man Frederic Bourdin, who for 15 years, since the mid-1990s until his arrest in 2005, portrayed for the missing teenagers.
For many years he lived in the family from San Antonio in Texas, posing as their missing son, but also penetrated into the rooming house for young people, orphanages, foster homes, Junior high schools and children’s hospitals. Surprisingly, thirty years old, balding, the son of Algerian immigrant has been many years impersonating a teenage orphan.

It’s fraud included countries such as: Spain, Germany, Belgium, England, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Bosnia, Portugal, Austria, Slovakia, France, Sweden, Denmark and the USA.

Fraudster arrested thanks to the watchful teacher of the school who saw him in a TV program where he did not hesitate to appear, and established the true connection between him and the missing schoolboy. In recognition of the burden, he did all this with one sole purpose — he wanted love and attention, which are not received in childhood. In 2007, Bourdin married a French woman and had three own children.

The script for the psychological Thriller writing Terence winter (“the Sopranos”, “the Wolf of wall street”) and Carl Capotorto (“Vinyl”). Mcquarrie shoots the film and is its producer along with his wife Heather Mcquarrie, as well as Terence winter and his wife Rachel winter (“Dallas buyers club”).

After “Mission” Christopher mcquarrie will “Chameleon” 27.07.2017

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