Akiva Goldsman will write the script, “Steel caves” Asimov 27.07.2016

Five years after the announcement of the film adaptation of the novel of Isaac Asimov’scaves of Steel“, the film company 20th Century Fox was attracted to the work of screenwriter Goldsman Him. To him, the project was designed by John Scott and Henry Hobson. I must say that Goldsman had to be adapted for cinema works by Asimov. He is the author of the script of the film of Alex Proyas “I, robot”, which was released in 2004.

The novel “caves of Steel” is a series of stories about detective Earthman Elijah Bailey and cosmonite robot Daniel Olivo, investigating the most intricate crimes related to the relationship of cosmonite and earthlings. The action of “caves of Steel” comes around in the year 3000. The earth is suffering from overpopulation, and people are forced to live in steel domes of gigantic cities with no real sunlight. Meanwhile, the descendants of earthlings — community colonized other planets, and enjoy all the pleasures of life. Bailey and Olivo charged with investigating what happened on Earth the killing of a member of cosmonite Dr. Sarton, as it may become a pretext for war.

A series of books about Elijah Bailey and Daniel Olivo also includes the novels: “the Naked sun“, “Robots of dawn” and “Robots and Empire“. Also they are the first novels in the meta-cycle of Asimov’s “Foundation“.

Akiva Goldsman will write the script, “Steel caves” Asimov 27.07.2016

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