“American gods”: Joking 20.06.2017

Neil Gaiman has written a lot different, but “American gods” — after all, his literary peak. A novel rough, tough, weird and gloomy, for a long time as if it is focused on detail and reflection, and this perfectly conveys the feeling of a great journey. Perfect adaptation would be hours-long movie, between “to lay low in Bruges” and “Fear and loathing in Las Vegas”, the series that now we have sometimes really so.

The first series depart little from the book, mainly reducing, not adding to the plot, and many of the dialogues reproducing verbatim. Old God and former prisoner continues to ride across America, trying to gather the other old gods at war with gods a new. Only the pace of the story is totally different — Bryan fuller, showrunner of Hannibal, with all the same expect command takes exactly as before, i.e., clip, stylish, excessively.

The main actor, however, charisma did not work, although it seems to be authentic. But all other compete in charm, regardless of the size of the role. All take turns stealing the show from excessively temperamental leprechaun Sweeney, is dead, but arrogant wife Laura and Mr Environment, which for a long time more like detective Colombo to the episodic characters like Chernobog, playing checkers, and old ladies Zori Evening, drinking vodka out of the bottle.

But so far, so obvious that fuller played with the “Gods” exactly the same as played with “Hannibal,” which, will remind, in the end brought to a very beautiful but plotless yaoi. Happy girls-groupies. Fuller, like Gaiman, is almost indifferent to the Central plot, but! instead, Gaiman prescribed inner world of the protagonist and rethink the simple everyday things. And fuller, on the contrary, the Shadow is not working. The protagonist of the series suddenly maximally uninteresting and even unnecessary. He’s like a lost child, and thank God that charisma McShane enough for two. Even dead Shadows revealed better than him (not to mention the fact that in the book she does through the character, and does not take so much attention).

Fuller goes head first into the context, very often forgetting about everything else. Book interludes, which usually go under the knife in the film adaptations, he retained and expanded with great enthusiasm. In any series a huge chunk of time is spent on a separate novel, connected with the overall plot or nothing, either very indirectly. That is, it is a regular short film, where the authors each time trying something new for fun — up to CG-cartoon.

In the penultimate series of fuller’s writes so that the background of the leprechaun becomes her main, the format of the picture finally goes to anamorph and Emily Browning give the individual the role of Irish immigrants just because why not, let him play. What the hell show up to unimportant events, it’s like he doesn’t care. Why do we need all this life of double-crossing the ocean and other hardships of life? There is no need. And even morality whatsoever. But why not to remove, Yes.

Too much just happens. Time after time wedged a new side story lines that make any sense are not responsible or in the best case, promise to be completed in the next season. Directors and operators are increasingly Ponte from scratch, as Ponte and the gods, both old and new. They shake the air and demonstrate tricks, but without any sense. Gillian Anderson in the role of soaring Marilyn Monroe is cool, but the whole episode is completely empty, it has no consequences. Purely fan-service. Ponabrali charismatic and let’s do all that was in the last seasons of “Hannibal”.

Fuller is sprayed on minor things, but just for the sake of jokes and sudden statements. The history of Nancy, he makes a remark about the oppression of black people, and stories about the Irish and Vagin-goddess — about the oppression of women. The appearance of gin poured into a banal straightforward gay romance (there were two loneliness, sex, the curtain). Separate the series, he spends all for the sake of satire on the American nationalists and the gun cult. It turns out, of course, not the mystification of everyday life, like Gaiman, and not a story about forgotten gods that are trying to survive in the modern world, and some March in the current media agenda. And what would the theme fuller touched, he says rude and one-sided.

So “Gods” — a very controversial movie, which starts as a second “Preacher”, but then swerves past seasons of “Sherlock”, which is credited to the heap with oak social implications in the world. Usually, this metamorphosis will take several seasons, fuller has managed to do for eight episodes.

“American gods”: Joking 20.06.2017

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