Announced the release date of the sequel to the horror film “It” 26.09.2017

Announced in April start of production of the monstrous four sequels to “Avatar” finally resulted in something physical, as the preparation of the plan scenario, the overall graphics of the creatures of Pandora and other routine like casting clearly was started long before the previous ads, and just continue later. Now it’s time to officially announce the beginning of a prolonged shooting period, which will be prepared by “non-PC” part of all the sequels at once, so that in the future James Cameron could have graphics. The shooting of the project a total budget of 1 billion dollars started in Manhattan beach, California. When James Cameron will finish the work in the pavilion, not yet reported, but the previously announced schedule of releases is still in force, according to Studio 20th Century Fox, it looks like the following: “Avatar 2“is December 2018, with “Avatar 3” — December 2020, “Avatar 4” — December 2022 and “Avatar 5” — December 2023.

The sequels of “Avatar” in this way will be released 11 years after the original, most of this time Cameron was engaged in that fanned less and less interesting to the viewer project in terms of quantity expected to be release films and again and again postponement.

Scripts for films written by: Cameron, Rick Jaffa, Amanda silver, Josh Friedman and Shane Salerno. The Director of all the parts James Cameron. To their roles in the sequels would return all the lead actors: Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Sigourney weaver and Stephen lang.

Announced the release date of the sequel to the horror film “It”

Initially conceived as a duologue separated into “nursery” and “adult” part adaptation of Stephen king’sIt” got an official release date of the second part. As expected after the triumphant launch of the first part, the Studio Warner Bros. release a sequel September 6, 2019, exactly a year later. Gary Doberman, one of the authors that have adapted the king novel for the big screen, will the script continue. It is expected that the Director andrés Musetti will again serve as Director. The plot will return to the “losers ‘ Club” 27 years later, when members will find that in the town of Derry again awakened evil.

Recall that the children’s horror at the start, broke a few important cash records, among them the most successful horror movie, the best start of September and the highest grossing movie rating R. With a budget of $35 million global box office at this point is nearly half a billion dollars.

Follow our news and film frames will follow all the others.

Announced the release date of the sequel to the horror film “It” 26.09.2017

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