“Better call Saul”: Season 3: the Destroyer 25.06.2017

The main problem of the prequels is that they’re prequels. And “Better call Saul” is never an exception if the first season we are still a little bit amused by the fact that re-acquainted with Jimmy and Ehrmantraut in the second, ongoing experience already with Hector Salamanca and ever began, to put it mildly tiring, because it is taken from “breaking bad” slow narrative rhythm with static shots of desolate nature there never was offset by a similar tension situations, no matter how satisfied the blue forced a conflict with who is who and why crossed the road. And all these fucking stories are linked, in fact, Saul Goodman? The correct answer is no.

Scratching his reputation, in the third season of the show-runners gathered his thoughts, and the story about Ehrmantraut has still made a background, almost offscreen, but it could not remove because he was a thread to the appearance of Gus Fring, in addition, have demanded complete story with a hit of Salamanca in the state of polubomu… well, half the series still left on absolutely left float with Nacho, his dad, the same Ehrmantraut, and a hundred times obosrannye, for example, in “Sicario” ways of delivery of drugs across the border. Thriller there was, of course, but white thread sticking out from it so brazenly that I want to say — make a separate prequel “Better call Gus” and “Better call Mike” and better stop torturing the sciatic nerve.

As for the main plot, then in the third season of Jimmy McGill had finally come under investigation about their own dealings with the forgery of his brother Chuck. There from the very beginning was the problem — why does Kim not have sent him, why she’s with this loser and how all of this can get out of it. The first two questions answered so well, they have now a shared office (BGG), and got out, as usual, powerful strokes. However, it is the scene of the final court was the most lively throughout the season, although everyone understands that the real Jimmy would not be, it’s a prequel, remember?

Because Jimmy’s all season diligently digs in her career that is not yet buried, at the same time trying to find a path to Yes, Yes — the appearance of Saul Goodman. Meanwhile, the name POPs up in the form of fictional owner of an advertising Agency, is drawn into the plot, as usual, behind the ears, but in General his adventures — this is exactly what we were expecting from the start and not dumb procedural COP show about the “good brother”, which spent two whole season and ended up getting so stupid with the axe and a lamp.

In General, Jimmy again indulges in all serious, finally being disappointed in people and myself, says two key rants about “all men are goats” and “but I well know how to destroy”, and then you need to make only one step toward a real Saul Goodman — Yes, get rid of Kim. Apparently, this simple event will focus on the fourth season, which, however, has not yet been appointed, and, in contrast to the same “the Eighth sense”, no one here will write the petition for the extension of the show, the poorhouse, and in fact it is time to close, with him everything is clear.

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“Better call Saul”: Season 3: the Destroyer 25.06.2017

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