“Blade runner 2049”: Elektrougli go to heaven 04.10.2017

About the original “blade Runner” for the past 35 years has been so much controversy that the whole of this discourse it is almost impossible to separate from the film itself. For example, the fact that Ridley Scott almost took his name off the credits after the rape of the production installation, in this mythical space is quite compatible with cult status, which was conquered is not infinite rezhisserami, the most recent of which dates back to 2007 already, namely, that the same Scott hated the theatrical version. And curiously, just the main fan debate about whether Deckard was a Replicant or not was that the original was absent, and only in the memoirs of Rutger Hauer mentioned that old Ridley all got on the court with his fake theories.

Alas, with the advent of “blade Runner 2049” the main dilemma of the movie is receding into the past, Scott said the Replicant, then the Replicant. And expect from Denis Villeneuvethat he will go against the will mired in “Prometheus” and its sequels are classics, of course, would be silly. In this sense, the expectations of the public is simple and monotonous: we need to engage the time machine and went back in time, where “blazing assault ships on the outskirts of Orion”. Fans are generally not too creative in their desires. And if so — will sculpt exactly according to the canons.

In fact, the first and only innovation in the world of Villeneuve rebellious angels is the same “blackout”, which in the anime prequel, but everything else as prescribed: speceffekty pupils (and the General fixation on eyeballs), the traditional lords of the rain-mist, a sea of neon and hiding in this world of runaway Replicants who are looking for the main character, this time in plain text, a Replicant as it is. Except that the test Voight-Kampff in his revamped (and by the way, very cool converted) does not apply to fugitive electrocam, and to K. Joe performed by Ryan Gosling.

In fact, Villeneuve from the entire set of his features as the unloved Scott, the producers at the time, chose some of his philosophy melodrama with a slight touch of the detective. And if Scott’s romance was in fact false, then Villeneuve hurried right out loud to speculate “and not whether it was a cunning plan”, immediately himself answering positively.

Well, I’m sorry for Villeneuve this little deception: defiance trailers, and ageless Harrison Ford, and syrcause Jared Leto, and the traditional Robin Wright in the film is not so much to them to consider at least some important characters. Over the Summer I love to hike, the six-minute prequel contains that the only thing that Wallace ever going to say, whereas in the theatrical version there is only the endless pirania with a knife.

And no wonder, if in addition to the main detective in timing you need to insert more references to the old “Bladerunner”, including design, titles, sounds antediluvian “photoshop” with voice control (which are applied to the drone), endlessly single-type flying machine, a giant concrete pyramid buildings, a good but also completely false copy of the original Actresses, in General, while fans happy duck wow-impulse, the time is coming, and the secondary characters its not enough.

If so, then it’s time to remember all accumulated over 35 years Luggage fantastic melodramas starting with such films as “She” and “From the machine” and ending with, for example, by Makoto Cinco. All this happened with the optimism of a neophyte generously moves on the screen, in the end, instead of a single romantic female character in the frame is just four romantic female character with a strong network of relationships between them, gives the passions literally the bollywood sense.

Yes, the romance between kei and its operating system wonder how good and organic, but Yes, it’s already happened. Although the virtual sex with real robot removed a very soulful and sensual. As they say, Pelevin, in fact, you can’t poparsov, learn.

And Yes, all the fogs in the cold city of the future shot incredibly beautiful art to a new level for the genre, but in General as there was a giant neon figure, so they remained, it is unlikely that this can be considered a revelation.

Finally, the core detective with his two straight twists so well obstained by the author himself right in the frame that it’s more like a sudden session of self-exposure (Villeneuve and even asked us not to spoil, that is, along with endless mini-prequels this is just an imitation of Scott, but we promised not to spoil, so won’t), so the output is a giant two and a half hour tribute to the original, in which the Director did not dare to say anything to her, and only spawn endless copies of copies that utter procured word about “angels”, but in General do not understand what they do.

The character Summer goes banal sadist, motivation it handy at all unclear, Deckard turns a rag so wanted to see that so many years doing nothing at all, and only booze with a dog, Robin Wright all the way worked for God from the machine Kay at all for some reason laughed at, and then completely abandoned with the words, “well, you’re like” mam, the memories, and all translucent, perhaps not in the literal sense, as in love with the OS. Remains good, but again almost entirely cut out in another mini-prequel Batista.

The last two, right, are worthy of more detailed story about myself, but instead, Villeneuve a third of the film projivaet on odd and unconvincing about the longevity of the work of the local orphanage… Replicants? Or not? Well, sort of normal live births children in a dying world (see again one of the mini-prequels) should be gold, no? Or there at least needs to send to external worlds?

With them at all pipe already two movies about them talking, but we know about them exactly what there reason is absolutely necessary combat Replicants. There who ever fight? Do you have any ideas, as they say in YouTube channels, write in kamentah.

But overall, again, as a tribute and as a sequel, shot great, and Villeneuve done, so brush up on thirty-five years of the franchise look at the Ridley in the neighboring thread does not work, and he succeeded. At least directly in the room no one laughs from the idiocy of the actions of other characters. Again, romantic, lyrical, references, beautiful. So there is nothing to complain about, in the end, amid the hell in which slipped Star wars in front of us at all written a masterpiece. Another thing is that no, it does not “fury Road” this year. However, it is not “Wonder woman” with her strange hype of the blue.

“Blade runner 2049”: Elektrougli go to heaven 04.10.2017

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