Box office in Russia: Golden ring, Golden 26.09.2017

The data box of the office specified according to the UAIS as of September 25. The final figures may differ slightly.

1. “Kingsman: the Golden ring”, 310,8 million rubles, 1 million viewers, a 37 253 session

In 2015, the tape “Kingsman: the Secret service” brought together for the first weekend of 197 million rubles, the sequel exceeded this figure by more than 50%. Judging by the rating on IMDb (7.2 points out of 10), the sequel lives up to expectations of the audience, though international critics reacted to it ambiguously. Rating “Golden ring” on Rotten Tomatoes has dropped to 49%. In the absence of obvious competitors to the 5th of October, when will the “blade Runner 2049,” the film is Matthew Vaughn may earn more than its predecessor, collected in the Russian hire 587 million roubles.

2. “LEGO. Ninjago Movie”, 88.5 million rubles, 390 thousand spectators, 525 18 sessions

The only cartoon in the top ten (and the only picture with a “family” rating of 6), despite the large number of sessions performed weaker than “LEGO. Movie: Batman”, and significantly below expectations. Analysts predicted the new cartoon 120 million for the weekend, “Batman” gathered more than 124 million roubles. Life at the “Ninjago” was also below average 21 the audience for the session.

“LEGO. Ninjago The Movie”

3. “It”, 75.9 million rubles (-66,8%), 283 thousand spectators, 490 8 sessions

Most of the audience continues to draw clown Pennywise and his red balloon. Sessions horror “It” come to average more than 33 people. “It” has already claimed nearly 910 million rubles from the pockets of Russians, and by the end of next weekend will take a billion.

4. “Partner”, 28.4 million rubles (-58,8%), 120,5 thousand spectators, 875 8 sessions

Sessions baby with facial expressions and voice Sergei Garmash was even more than Pennywise, but the time between the “session Partner” was not even in the top 12. The total box office Comedy with high-tech baby is approaching 115 million rubles. While the audience continued to go almost off the screen “Grandma easy virtue” (142 sessions), whose office can serve as an example of a successful hire for domestic Comedy — 17 August-the tape has collected more than 332 million rubles.

5. “mother!” 23.8 million (-60,6%), 84,5 thousand spectators, 6 371 session

Picture of Darren Aronofsky’s divided viewers, but in the second week fees are expected to fall. With a total result of 106 million rubles after the second weekend of “mom!” hardly can count on a long life in the top ten.

“Gogol. The beginning”

6. “Gogol. Start”, 10, 3 million rubles (-69,3%), 43.8 thousand spectators, 1 796 session

The main survivor tens “Gogol” Egor Baranova, stay in the top for a fourth week, continuing to demonstrate strong operating time of the audience to the session and to meet the expectations of analysts on fees. Now in the office at Nikolay Vasilyevich already more than 425 million rubles.

7. “Hostages”, 9.9 million rubles, 30 thousand spectators, 3 004 session

Drama Rezo Gigineishvili about young people who decided to escape from the Soviet Union and hijack a plane Tbilisi-Leningrad, performed even better than expected: analysts had predicted her 8 million in the first weekend. In the tape, a good sundress in social networks, which actively support the Russian star via their accounts, however this is unlikely to have a significant impact on fees. In addition to a wide release coming out this week, “Crimea” the cinema will obviously have to release the sessions.

8. “The Texas chainsaw massacre: leatherface,” the 5.5 million rubles 20 million viewers, 1 543 session

The autumn season proved to be fruitful for horror movies. Not waiting for Halloween, they occupied the Russian car, pushing Comedy and cartoons. “Texas chainsaw massacre” due to a recognizable brand ahead of competitors in the niche.

9. “Claustrophobic”, 3.6 million rubles (-74,5%), 15 thousand spectators, 393 1 session

Unassuming low-budget horror remained in the top ten, however, we can assume that next week it will be replaced by other novelties.


10. Storage, 3.6 million rubles to 13.4 thousand spectators, 1 757 sessions

James Franco has managed to attract an audience, albeit small, to the story about the swarming ghosts of the vault of the Bank. Rating critics the picture is quite low (26%).

Box office in Russia: Golden ring, Golden 26.09.2017

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