Box office in Russia: “It” continued to set records 12.09.2017

The data box of the office specified in the UAIS information as of September 10. The final figures may differ slightly.

1. “It,” 386,8 million rubles, 1 million 393 thousand spectators, the 23 493 session

According to official data, the tape Andres, Mosketti collected nearly 387 million rubles. The distributor Caro Premier also said on Monday that the film was subjected to strip 400 million (of which $ 18 million earned in IMAX rooms). Shortly before the release he predicted at the start about 220 million rubles.

“It” surpassed them by almost two times, and thereby set a new record debut collections for horror. Previously the best in the genre started the fifth “final destination” with 230 million rubles.

In each session the pictures came in an average of 59 people (1 392 862 people). The average ticket price was 278 rubles.

2. “Gogol. The beginning,” 76,9 million (-61%), 296 thousand spectators 17 796 session

After the effect of a powerful marketing campaign has weakened and subsided most of the viewers of “Gogol.” The fall was a strong 61%. Only, the film has collected 337,8 million rubles for 11 days. At every session this weekend and had about 17 viewers (in the past — somewhere 24).

3. “Good luck Logan”, 41.5 million rubles, 138 thousand spectators, 8813 sessions

Crime Comedy Steven Soderbergh’s telling about the robbery during the big race started pretty confident. Influenced as an easy genre, and a stellar cast (Daniel Craig, Channing Tatum, Adam Driver). On average, each session was attended by approximately 16 people. The ticket price was significantly higher than that of other releases (about 300 rubles).

4. “It’s about love. Adults only”, 25.7 million rubles (-21%), 89 thousand spectators, 5853 session

The second part of the anthology by Anna Melikyan and other Russian Directors fell by only 21%. On average, her sessions last weekend were more spectators than at the beginning of the rental — 15 vs. 14, respectively. The average ticket price decreased from 300 to 290 rubles. Only, the film has collected of 80.3 million rubles.

5. “Watch the jungle”, 24.1 million rubles, 111 thousand spectators, 5265 sessions

In each session a French cartoon it’s approximately 13 spectators. Moreover, the average ticket price had been significantly lower than the competition (about 215 rubles).

6. “Visiting Alice”, 16,8 million roubles, 60 million viewers, 8578 sessions

Comedy with Reese Witherspoon started very poorly, the number of spectators greatly losing even those movies that are in theaters a few weeks (average 7 people per session).

7. “The secret of the seven sisters”, a 13.9 million (-56%) and 53 thousand spectators, 3422 session

Fantastic film that premiered immediately in the catalog of the streaming service Netflix last week was the sixth. Only on account of its 59.3 million rubles.

8. “Little drive”, 13 million (-77%) and 49 thousand spectators, 2478 sessions

From third to eighth place fell Comedy action Edgar Wright. Just a “Little drive” earned 286,1 million.

9. “Your name”, 12.9 million rubles, 52 thousand spectators, 1990 session

Already seen by many viewers of the cartoon classics of Japanese animation Makoto Cinco was released in the Russian hire with a great delay, but still attracted a considerable audience. Each session had an average of 26 people.

10. “Emoji Movie”, to 11.3 million (-72%) and 54 thousand spectators, 2375 sessions

Project Sony Animation keeps a high share of audience (an average of 23 people per session). In all, he collected to the current point of 328.8 million rubles.

Next week starts the new work by Darren Aronofsky, “Mama!” with Jennifer Lawrence in the lead role. Will also be released Russian film “the Companion”, in which Sergey Garmash voiced computer baby, drama “Claustrophobia”, the Comedy “the Status of brad,” with Ben Stiller, “Madam” with Toni Collette and Harvey Keitel, “the Minister” Giorgio Amato, the cartoon “Recess” and the documentary “Yes, chef!”.

Box office in Russia: “It” continued to set records 12.09.2017

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