Box office in Russia: justice League modest triumphs 21.11.2017

The data box of the office specified in the UAIS information as of November 21. The final figures may differ slightly.

1. “Justice League”, 355,4 million rubles, 1.2 million viewers, a 36 486 sessions

Despite the leadership in results superhero action movie is hard to call impressive: they are slightly higher than the initial fees much less expensive detective “Murder in East Express” (339 million rubles) a week ago. And if you compare with peers, the amount seems even more modest: “Batman V Superman: dawn of justice” received from the Russian audience in the first weekend 519 million rubles, “suicide Squad” — 747.6 mln rubles. Batman is something to grieve, even if his team managed to crawl on fees solo film Wonder woman (221 million in the first weekend, 473 million in the first eight weeks of hire).

2. “Murder on the Orient Express”, of 182, 4 million (-44,9%), 635 thousand spectators 15 604 session

“Murder on the Orient Express”

Agatha Christie, Hercule Poirot and Kenneth Branagh — this trio has been extremely profitable for distributor Fox. The film showed not only the minimum for ten drop charges and high operating time (40,7 spectators per session), but resist on the second line.

3. “Thor: Ragnarok”, 123 million (-67,6%), 462 thousand spectators, 456 15 sessions

The third “Thor” has earned in Russia 1.1 billion, and thus became the highest grossing of the solo movies about the Scandinavian God in our country. The previous part of the franchise “Thor 2: the Kingdom of darkness” gathered in Russian cinemas in 2014 1.09 billion.

4. “The last hero”, 75,4 million roubles (-45,6%), 318 thousand spectators, 6 854 session

“The last hero”

The comic tale from Disney and Studio YBW continues to set records and to make better predictions: over the past weekend, the picture is very close in fees to “Stalingrad”, while holding first place in the ranking of highest-grossing Russian films. Common cash “the Last hero” is at the time of publication 1 544 million rubles, while “Stalingrad” has completed the rental with a score of 1 620 million rubles.

5. “Myths”, 31.2 million rubles, 109 million viewers, 7 690 session

The debut Comedy by Alexander Molochnikova with a long list of stars in the main roles, was launched with the result, close to the Comedy anthology “About love. Adults only”. In the first weekend the film grossed 35 million rubles, and for the first eight weeks of her hire cash amounted to almost 114 million rubles. Started much better (57,4 million) “Life ahead” by Karen Oganesyan — also a Comedy with many famous actors — were able to gather in Russia’s 106 million With the lowest operating time among the audience members of the top ten (about 14 people per session), “Myths” are unlikely to qualify for a more solid result.

6. “Fixies. Big secret” of the 25 million rubles (-53,2%), 125 thousand spectators, 368 4 sessions

“Fixies. The big secret”

“Fixies. The big secret” has become the highest grossing domestic animated film after the franchise of the three heroes and a series about Ivan-Tsarevich and the Grey wolf, beating on charges of “Snow Queens” and “Smeshariki”. The overall result of “Friends” exceeds 400 million rubles.

7. “Jeepers creepers 3”, 20 million rubles, 76 thousand spectators, 5 100 sessions

15 years waiting for the third part fueled the interest of fans, however, the rating pattern (a 4.4 on IMDb) is significantly lower than in the previous parts, or continues to go, albeit on a small number of sessions “Saw 8”. Time to session for viewers, too, are not encouraging: 14,8, below are just “Myths”.

8. “Suburbicon”, 14.3 million rubles, 44 thousand spectators, 2 891 session


The new film George Clooney has started much worse than his previous film — “treasure Hunters,” which brought in the first weekend of nearly 41 million rubles. However, there Clooney was not only in the Director’s chair, but on the screen. Perhaps affected by the fact that stylish poster “Suburbicon” not quite indicates the genre of black Comedy, and makes no mention of the authors of the first version of the script — the Coen brothers.

9. “The little vampire”, 11.8 million rubles (-44,9%), 60 thousand spectators, 3 389 sessions

European cartoon remained in the leaders, and it is at the lowest in the top ten average ticket price (197 rubles). Common cash “the Little vampire” in the second of the weekend — 36.2 million rubles.

10. “Matilda”, 10.5 million rubles (-63,4%), 43 thousand spectators, 1 374 session


The film by Alexei Uchitel’s only slightly ahead of the melodrama “Miracle” with Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson, which is assembled in the USA, but in Russia received a small number of sessions and little advertising. “Matilda” may leave the top ten next week, although the rooms are on the remaining sessions until filled: 31 people per session — an excellent result for the fourth weekend rental.

The strongest newcomer this week looks like the Pixar cartoon “the Mystery of the Coco” — a touching story about a Mexican boy Miguel in the country of the dead can become a hit, sliding the other releases for family and child audiences. The tape has become the highest-grossing picture in the history of Mexican products, and it will clearly be popular with the Russian audience: traditions remember the ancestors and to “stick with roots” for the domestic audience more than close. “Snowman” with Michael Fassbender can bring down the negative reviews and negative sundress, like “Flatliners”. To counter the superheroes, knights and crosses will also be a Comedy “Hello, dad, New year! 2”, the candidate from Norway on the award “Oscar”, “Thelma” and biographical drama “goodbye, Christopher Robin” about the author “Winnie the Pooh” Alan Milne.

Box office in Russia: justice League modest triumphs 21.11.2017

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