Box office in Russia: Russian knights do not give up 12.12.2017

The data box of the office specified in the UAIS information as of December 12. The final figures may differ slightly.

1. “The legend of Kolowrat”, 145 million (-44,4%), 558 thousand spectators, 965 22 sessions

As expected, Ryazan Vityaz retained the leadership. In favor of “Kolovrat” was an excellent session, a household rating of 12+ and the lack of serious competitors. Moreover, we can assume that the “Last hero” set the stage for “the legends of the Kolowrat”, suggesting the Russian audience of the credibility of the tapes of the motives of folklore. For the second weekend, the film Janik Fayzieva with the cashier at 471,6 million rubles has already secured the seventh place in top ten grossing domestic films of the year, beating “Gogol. The beginning” (444,5 million rubles). According to the results of hire at a picture have a chance to move and “Matilda” (512 million rubles).

2. “Happy death day”, 82 million rubles 310,6 thousand spectators, 13 483 session

“Happy death day”

Horror Universal has performed better than expected. Analysts of “Booker’s Bulletin” expect “Happy death” of 55 million rubles at the start. More than any other horror movie distributor now collecting numerous awards of the film “Away”. He started with 34 million rubles and finished a five-week rental with 96.8 million rubles in cash. “Happy day of the dead” has all the chances to improve this result.

3. “The mystery of Coco”, 73.5 million rubles (-40,2%) and 310 thousand spectators, 10 397 sessions

The Pixar cartoon is rolled for the third week and during this time received from the Russian audience of just over 415 million rubles. With the General decline in cinema attendance (mean time between session last weekend was less than 20 people) the journey of Miguel in the realm of the dead attracted nearly 30 guests per session.

4. “Very bad mommy 2”, 58 million rubles, 211 thousand viewers, a 12 663 session

“Very bad mommy 2”

The Comedy is rated 18+, reinforced cast the older generation, surpassed analysts ‘ expectations of 18 million roubles, and the result of the first part, released in September 2016, 26 million rubles. If the first film has collected in the Russian hire of 65.7 million rubles, then the second “Moms” have a chance on 100 million roubles of total collections, while the battle will enter “Christmas Tree new.”

5. “Alien”, 22.5 million rubles (-48,5%), 76 thousand spectators, 4162 session

With an overall score of 80.8 million roubles “Alien” with Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan, is the second; the release of “Paradise” in 2017. In the first place — “Crimea” (342 million rubles).

6. “Murder on the Orient Express”, 20.8 million rubles (-45,4%), 66 thousand spectators, 2513 session

“Murder on the Orient Express”

According to the UAIS, the film adaptation of Agatha Christie’s detective has gathered in the Russian cinemas more than 842 million rubles, which puts the tape in fourth place in the list of highest-grossing releases from Fox this year after “Boss-sucker”, “assassin’s Creed” and “Logan”.

7. “The flatliners”, 16.2 million (-68,4%), 59 thousand spectators, 2814 session

Despite the low (especially relative to original picture) scores from the users of IMDb (5,6 vs. 7.2 at the picture with Julia Roberts), the Thriller continues to enjoy popularity among Russian viewers and in the third week of hire. Even time for the audience to the session he is above average at 21.1.

8. “Hello, dad, New year! 2”, 15.6 million rubles (-60,3%), 56 thousand spectators, 2592 session

“Hello, dad, New year! 2”

Total fees of the sequel more than the first part. If the original film grossed a little more than 140 million rubles in Russia, then the second part is almost 166 million.

9. “The last Bogatyr”, 13.1 million rubles (-41,1%), 54.6 thousand spectators, 2375 sessions

The most successful Russian film (in the active “Heroes” already of 1.64 billion) remains in the top ten for seven weeks. For comparison, the top grossing picture of the year “pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales” lasted in the top nine weekends.

10. “Justice League”, 10.3 million rubles (-65,5%), 42 thousand spectators, 2438 sessions

“Justice League”

Superhero squad earned last weekend a little more Russian innovations “Burn!”, collected 9.5 million rubles and were not qualified according to the results of the weekend in the top ten. Fourth weekend may be the “justice League” last on the list: the pictures are very low time for the audience, just below the “Very bad mothers 2”.

14 December, the Russian cinema will surrender “the Last Jedi”. Updated the previous part of the Saga “Star wars” “the force awakens” — has collected more than 1.7 billion rubles. Lightsabers scared away competitors. Those who do not want to know the continuation of the story from the distant galaxy will have to wait for sessions of domestic holiday Comedy “new year rush”, a French story of Santa Claus “Santa and company”, historical drama “Victoria and Abdul”, the Russian debut of the film “Girl with a scythe” and “Close” and the horror film “the Midnight man”.

Box office in Russia: Russian knights do not give up 12.12.2017

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