Box office in Russia: the Guys from “Kingsman” has receded before the “Crimea” 03.10.2017

The data box of the office specified in the UAIS information as at 1 Oct. The final figures may differ slightly.

1. “Crimea”, 152,2 million roubles, 591 thousand spectators, 28 895 sessions

Drama well-known TV presenter Alexey Pimanova was advertised very widely (and sometimes quite strange), from the many billboards plastered with advertising for “Crimea” across the country, to television. Given the impressive marketing support band earned almost $ 3 million look like much, but only as the starting amount. It is very likely that next week the project is expected to be a strong fall.

2. “Kingsman: the Golden ring”, 137,6 million (-56%), 458 thousand spectators 23 369 sessions

Next weekend for the sequel of the movie “Kingsman: the Secret service” were fairly soft. In just 11 days the picture Matthew Vaughn has earned 537,8 million. The last part earned in Russia for all time of rental 647,2 million.

3. “LEGO. Ninjago. Film”, 47,2 million (-47%), 211 thousand viewers, a 11 611 sessions

From the second year animated film based on Lego products, a slight decrease, but the low life for viewers — an average of 18 people per session. In the past the car hire weekend worse people went only to Russian films and “Mercenary”. Just “Ninjago” gathered to 147.2 million.

4. “It”, of 42.3 million (-44%), 157 thousand spectators, 6011 sessions

“It” is still very strong. The average number of spectators per session hit horror was the best for the weekend — 26 people. Next week the tape should cross the threshold of one billion rubles. According to other sources, she has already overcome, but, according to the UAIS, she had accumulated 980 million rubles. For the month of hire “It” was watched by nearly 4 million people.


5. “Mercenary”, 32.9 million rubles, 116 thousand spectators, 9201 session

Distributors “Central partnership” conducted a thorough marketing campaign picture and gave her a solid thousand copies, but still charges “Mercenary” was quite modest, as in the United States. Despite the scope (the action takes place in Italy, the UK and a little in Thailand), it is still a niche film without stars impressive. On average each of the sessions movie with Dylan O’brien and Michael Keaton was 13. The price of the ticket last weekend at a “Mercenary” was one of the highest — 283 rubles.

6. “Love in the city of angels”, 15.7 million rubles, 58 thousand spectators, 5049 sessions

As officially stated, Romka “Love in the city of angels” was shot for a modest 100 thousand dollars. Last weekend, the Russian film was the weakest time for the audience — about 12 people in each session.

7. “mother!” 9.4 million rubles (-61%), 37 thousand spectators, 1725 sessions

After the third week, the interest in the film, “mother!” is still high. The number of screens is reduced, and interested spectators, had not managed yet to see the scandalous tape of Darren Aronofsky, well-filled last few sessions. The average number of viewers on each of them “mom!” second only to “It” and “Gogol”.

8. “Partner”, 8 million (-72%), 40 thousand spectators, 2471 session

For Comedy with Sergey Garmash current weekend was the third in the box office. The drop compared to last week was relatively strong. All the ribbon is gathered 130 million rubles.

9. “Gogol. The beginning,” 5.2 million rubles (50%), and 23 thousand spectators, 946 sessions

A month ago, a Russian film about the fictional adventures of a Russian classic set a September record for a domestic movie, having earned over the first four days more than 200 million rubles. Now on account of the “Gogol” of 435.5 million.

10. “Hedgehog Bobby: the Prickly adventure” 4.1 million rubles 20 million viewers, 1429 session

This Chinese cartoon legallybuy second animated project released in Russian cinemas in September. Another “Watch of the jungle.” However, the “Hedgehog Bobby” is much less coverage of copies (400 1237 against a competitor), so his fees turned out significantly weaker. The average ticket price from Chinese animation is one of the lowest over the weekend (209 rubles). Below are just a “Mate” (200 rubles) and the next issue of almanac “Cartoon movie” (119 rubles).

Another new crime Thriller “a Good time” with Robert Pattinson stopped at the edge of the top ten. The film grossed 3.9 million rubles to 130 screens. The average ticket price was higher than the other members of the chart — 329 rubles.

Of the major projects this Thursday launch of the “blade Runner 2049”, “the mountain Between us” with Kate Winslet and Idris Elba, “Life ahead” by Karen Oganesyan with many Russian stars, as well as smaller films — “Crazy”, “Borg/McEnroe” and “the House of my nightmares”.

Box office in Russia: the Guys from “Kingsman” has receded before the “Crimea” 03.10.2017

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