Box office in Russia: Tom cruise not handle the astronauts and the Replicants 17.10.2017

The data box of the office specified in the UAIS information as of October 16. The final figures may differ slightly.

1. “Salyut-7”, 240,8 million rubles, 829 thousand spectators, 32 717 sessions

The cosmic drama, and sometimes tense Thriller about the rescue of the brave Soviet cosmonauts to the “Salyut-7” in 1985, collected in the framework of the optimistic forecasts. The picture of a good sundress in social networks, and the creators hope for a long rental. The main thing — tape to compete for release in April with “first Time” was almost on 100 million roubles ahead “first Time” fees for the first weekend. In addition, the result of the “Salyut-7” — second among domestic films this year. More for the first weekend has collected only “Attraction”.

2. “Blade runner 2049”, 101,2 million roubles (-60,7%), 342 of thousands of spectators, 16 of 742 session

Total fees film Denis Villeneuve has exceeded 430 million rubles — a great result for a film with a duration nearly three hours. However, the time he’s below average — Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford manages to lure in an average of 20 people per session.

3. “Made in America”, 93 million rubles, 322 thousands of spectators, 13 720 sessions

“Made in America”

On the eve of the film Doug Liman with Tom cruise in the role of a charming smuggler and adventurer Barry Power lost sessions in the largest cinema chains, which obviously had an impact on fees. However, analysts of “Booker’s Bulletin” and is predicted tape Cruz and modest 75 million.

4. “My little pony movie”, 71,4 million roubles, 338 thousand people, 11 of 156 sessions

The only cartoon in the top ten also collected better than expected — more than 20 million rubles higher than forecast. This week to take away the family audience it will be the first sessions of “the Last hero” and the Spanish cartoon “Ted-the traveler and the mystery of king Midas”.

5. “Crimea”, for 24.4 million rubles (-67,1%), 103 thousand spectators, 6 333 session


Patriotic melodrama continues to lose viewers (“Crimea” watch an average of 16 people in the room), but stays in the top five. Three weeks rolled tape has earned 323 million rubles and 2.5 points from users of the IMDb.

6. “Arrhythmia”, 22.6 million rubles, 73 thousand spectators, 2 502 session

A great example of what independent auteur cinema is able to find its audience, especially after a string of awards and high-profile discussions in the media. Previous film Khlebnikov “a Long and happy life” earned only 1.2 million rubles for the time of the rental. “Arrhythmia” started even worse “Dislike” (awarded the prize in Cannes, the tape Zvyagintsev start from fifth place in the top ten and 30.8 million rubles cash), but much better than expected (14 million rubles predicted the film in the first weekend), and also showed commendable big time — 29 spectators for the session, and this with the highest average ticket price — 310 rubles. More — 30 the audience at the session was only “My little pony movie”.

7. “The spell. Our days,” 21.3 million rubles, 78 thousand spectators, 2 781 session

“The spell. These days”

Fans of the genre certainly attracted a localized title: “the Crucifixion” has already become accustomed to hearing the “Curse” and the lack of other representatives of the horror League. This week on the heels of pseudo-“Spell” step “Golem” and “House of ghosts”. One of the main horror of autumn — It flew out of the dozens, although the remaining 950 sessions continues to attract a decent number of viewers.

8. “Life ahead”, 20 million (-64%), 76 thousand spectators, 315 5 sessions

Another domestic member of tens — a Comedy by Karen Oganesyan — earned to the end of the second weekend is already more than 93,6 million rubles. However, after the first week of viewers on the shows “Life ahead” was not very much: about 14 people per session. Still, with similar dynamics to reach 100 million: number of viewers in cinemas creeping up, and other Comedy competition on the horizon yet.

9. “Mountains between us”, 15.7 million rubles (-48,3%), 55 thousand spectators, 2 424 session

“Mountains between us”

Romance is about survival in the harsh snowy mountains two very different temperament of people after one and a half weeks of the rental earned almost 60 million.

10. “Kingsman: the Golden ring”, 14.8 million rubles (-66,2%), 56 thousand spectators, 386 2 sessions

The only member of tens, which kept the top for a fourth week. Action Comedy has already received from the Russian audience during the rental 660,4 million rubles, and have overcome the bar set charges the first part — 647,2 million.

October 19, in the Russian hire starts the problem “Geostorm” (a picture retake for a long time and was “fixing”), which, however, will select IMAX sessions at the “Salyut-7” and “blade Runner, 2049” (“Salute-7” the share of fees from the sessions in this format, 11%). The audience will appreciate the author’s movie release “two-faced lover” is Francois Ozon, who along with actress Marina Waqt, visited Moscow and St. Petersburg, providing interest to the picture in the press. Launched on a limited number of sessions “the Last hero”, which some domestic critics call the first time beautiful and quality kinoskazku, “a wonderful fantasy-Comedy,” while others berate for the clichéd plot and a lot of humor. For the viewer’s attention will also compete full-bodied British humor and Victorian detective atmosphere “Golem”, a black and white interpretation of the “Three sisters” by Chekhov by Yuri Grymov, a Spanish animation about a Ted, a traveler, Liev Schreiber in the way of heavyweight boxer, French Comedy “Gangsterdam” and the horror film “House ghosts”, which, alas, can not boast of high marks from critics and audiences.

Box office in Russia: Tom cruise not handle the astronauts and the Replicants 17.10.2017

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