Box-office USA: 16-18 June, “Cars 3” brake, “Wonder woman” ranting and raving 19.06.2017

Mid-June traditionally signifies the appearance in the hire of a new project “Pixar”, and this season, already sad for everything that is not kinokamera, it became a “Cars 3“. However, the Studio immediately distanced in marketing from negatively adopted of the second part (smaller than the Master, more drama), the criticism this time also turned out to be not quite shameful, and the resulting house $53.5 million , though behind both of his predecessors (there had been $60 million and $66 million respectively), but not as much as might have been feared.

The total film insignificance of the franchise is still reflected in what we have before us one of the three worst Pisarevsky starts in the 21st century — behind only Ratatouille ($47 million) and “the Good dinosaur” ($39 million), and with the upcoming competition for screens beginner enough endurance only $150-170 million total, which is also no chance send him to the bottom 3 in Pisarevskiy history in General. With regard to the global fees, then they are subject to the fallen exchange rate and return actions in America are unlikely to significantly exceed the four hundred against a production budget of $175 million. The profit is definitely will bring it toys.

The main story of the chart with no options remain “Wonder woman” — after a huge drop last week, she again jumped himself and came down on an incredible 30%, and collected as a result of$40.8 million mean best third weekend among all kinokontrol after “the Avengers” ($55.6 million), “spider-Man” ($45.1 million) and “the Dark knight” ($42.7 million). When collected over a fortnight $274,6 million the film has already quietly vying for at least $360 million total, and if he continues to ignore rational expectations, it can and does make a wager with “Guardians of the Galaxy 2” for the lead among releases this summer. Finally, the global box office, to get to this point to $572 million, just now leave behind the “suicide Squad” ($745 million) to take the second place among the projects of kynoselen DC.

Closed the three of leaders of the biographical drama “2pac: the Legend“, broke through limited marketing and negative criticism to the amount of $27.1 million. On the one hand, the film showed the second launch for mosbaek, on the other — still collected less than half the size of the leader in the face of “the voice of the streets” ($60.2 million), and obviously warmly received the film about Tupac Shakur could be much better. In the current scenario, the beginner will collect a house no more than $70 million with a budget of sorokovnik.

Further “Mummy” expected sank 56% to $13.9 million for the second weekend and $56.5 million Subtotal, to which it will add another twenty. Her started the third wide premiere in the face of the shark horror film “deep Blue“movie, last year sent straight to DVD, managed to get with 2200+ sites $11.5 million, is located exactly between the last “Shallow” ($16.8 million) and “Jaws 3D” ($8.4 million), and by the end of the rental, he is now able to collect about thirty.

The main loser of the weekend uncompromising suddenly became “Very bad girls” — even taking into account that the black Comedy sold heavier than usual, with his $8 million movie at least twice lost to the forecasts, and presented Scarlett Johansson with her wide worst start this decade. The only consolation is a reasonable budget of $20 million, but taking into account marketing costs will not be okupleny even around the world.

“Disney” on the occasion of the release of “Cars 3” gave them a double session with “Pirates of the Caribbean 5“and “Guardians of the Galaxy 2“, causing both films, losing a thousand cinemas each decreased by only 21%; for PTP-5 this meant $8.5 million for the fourth weekend and $150 million Subtotal, and for kinokomiksa — $5 million for the seventh weekend and $374,9 million over the month and a half, ahead of them now for 10-15 million. The rest of the “Captain Underpants“, despite the emergence of direct competition, fell by 40% to $7.4 million third weekend and $58 million Subtotal, and poorly accepted by the public horror “It comes at night” slipped 56% to $2.6 million for the second weekend and $11 million in ten days.

This coming week the American car will be limited to one wide premiere, but easily might not, since “transformers 5” (3900) are doomed to have the worst starter in the entire franchise fees. Follow our reviews.

Box-office USA: 16-18 June, “Cars 3” brake, “Wonder woman” ranting and raving 19.06.2017

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