Box-office USA: 23-25 June, “transformers” crash 26.06.2017

Intolerance of a fair portion of American viewers to the forced extensions of long-running franchises that fully manifested itself in the last couple of years, initially did not promise “Transformers 5” nothing good, because the film itself does not help, and overseas criticism at this stage could only be seen over laughing, then in the beginning of the week everything was ready to off the rails. It all started Wednesday, when the novice has collected $15.7 million and resulting in four times as much lost to the similar index of the second part ($62 million) and two and a half times — third ($37.7 million), although the increase in Friday and Saturday was slightly better than its predecessors, by the end of the weekend the film is still waiting for a modest $45.3 million over three days and $69.1 million for five.

Thus, the “Last knight”, in any case, more than two times from behind as TF-2 ($109 million for the weekend and $200 million in five days), and TF-3 ($98 million and $162 million), and for five days he had collected one and a half times less than launched on Friday the fourth part ($100 million) — three; in addition, the best of the starting days of beginner — Saturday, he collected $17.5 million — nearly 40% below the Tuesday premiere of the first “Transformers” ($27.9 million), a week celebrating the 10th anniversary. According to the schedule of the previous sequels, and given the highly competitive July TF-5 is now easily may not reach your house, and before a hundred total, that would mean the collapse by 40% compared with TF-4 ($245 million) and two or three times — with the first three films, collected from 320 to 400 million.

As for the fees outside the United States, where the film picked up $196 million, of which $123 million came from China. Because the endurance in most markets will be no, and in front of the largest only Brazil, Mexico and Japan, much more than half a billion newbie here not threatened; together with America it will mean about 700 million by the end of the hire charges against the billions of dollars the third and fourth parts, and the stated production budget of $217 million. To the complete closure of the franchise, such fees are unlikely, but given the General decline and the fact that the highest percentage in the pockets of producers, it puts the American car, now is the time to seriously reconsider the future plans.

Behind the leader in the United States was a photo finish, the closest of which just does not happen — and “Cars 3“and “Wonder woman“, the assurances of their distributors gathered over the weekend for exactly $25.2 million , estimates, and it is likely that “disney” will still give “Reflection” second place, since the calculations imply an impossible fall in the “Cars” only 11% on Sunday. Anyway, the cartoon slipped by more than half and got 10 days of hire to $99,9 million, to which he will add another fifty, and Kinomax, by contrast, has held under 40 percent drop and brought the Subtotal to $318,4 million, he should be 60-80 million.

Best drop in the chart suddenly showed Thriller about sharks “Blue abyss” — a film fell by only a third to $7.4 million for the second weekend and $24.3 million Subtotal, now he will get to the sorokovnik. In contrast to this, bad adopted the biopic “2pac: the Legend” felt all the anger its target audience, collapsing almost five times to $5.9 million over the weekend and $38.6 million General Fund, and immediately followed by “the Mummy” dipped by 60% to $5.8 million third weekend and $68,5 million Subtotal.

All of the remaining four films in the top ten in unison decreased by 40%, as a result of “pirates of the Caribbean 5” revealed $5.2 million for the fifth weekend and $160 million per month rental, “Very bad girls” — $4.7 million and $16.6 million, “Captain Underpants” — $4.3 million and $65,7 million, “Guardians of the Galaxy 2” — $3 million and $380,2 million. Finally, outside the top 10 was marked by a satirical gramcom about Salma Hayek and racists “Beatrice at dinner” — expanded from the 77 sites to the five hundred, the film brought in $1.8 million and brought the Subtotal to $3 million, now left to get to ten.

As for the coming weekend, it will actually stretch over the ocean for five days due to falling on Tuesday 4 July and took advantage of it three wide freshman on Wednesday launched one of the main kinomanskie releases of the year in the face of the musical action of Edgar Wright’sLittle drive” (3100), on Friday he will be joined on duty “Despicable me 3” (4350+) and a Comedy with will Ferrell and Amy PoehlerHouse” (3000+). Follow our reviews.

Box-office USA: 23-25 June, “transformers” crash 26.06.2017

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