Box-office USA: 29.09-01.10, “It”, “Kingsmen 2” and “Made in America” to arrange a photo finish 02.10.2017

The main dilemma of overseas rental end of September — will be replaced either as a result of minor weekend the leader of the chart — and remained unanswered. According to preliminary data, both the old leader and the main newcomer stopped at the modest level of$17 million, thus showing a record gross cash ($83 million) for this frame, so weak rental was not with our fifteen-million launch of “Surrogates” 8 years ago.

The only winner in the photo finish was four weeks of horror “It“, the next coronarienne drop on the news about the date of the sequel is allowed to bring a kitty home to $291 million , plus almost as many around the world, so the goal is to collect three hundred in the US and twice more with other countries has almost been reached, it remains to fix the exact result.

The biggest loser thus became “Kingsmen 2“, nearly 60 percent of the fall — it’s not like the endurance of the original, therefore, even given the stronger start of the four hundreds of the world’s end you can forget the current $67 million in domestic box office now will be added on the strength of half of this amount, which allows only conditional to pay back hundred-million budget. Foreign rental of two hundred, which would have saved the project from losses, of course, still possible, but rather where it would count to one hundred and fifty, and this is a deliberate departure in the negative, albeit small.

Well, the only freshman in the top three — “Made in America” with Tom cruise may and certainly will pay for with the start my fifty Lam budget, but despite the Patriotic name, I will do it mainly on foreign markets where it already has $65 million in fees.

From the rest of the movies visible in the overseas box office, “the Flatliners” predictable is not flashed with the seven million the start that even with a modest budget of $19 million very little, and “Ninjago” in turn decreased in the absence of a children’s competition by 40%, so their current office with the world is barely 60 million while still an unknown budget.

As for predictions for next weekend, then will dominate “blade Runner 2049Denis Villeneuve. On the background of almost four thousand playgrounds and enthusiastic critics of the movie claim at least 60 million, which is above the “Martian” and “Gravity,” box office gross thus back to decent for Oct 120 million level.

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Box-office USA: 29.09-01.10, “It”, “Kingsmen 2” and “Made in America” to arrange a photo finish 02.10.2017

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