Box-office USA: 6-8 October, “blade Runner 2049” fails 09.10.2017

While optimistic Cassandra, armed with a great preliminary ratings on the wave of fan hype, predicted a week ago, the main rookie of the week in the face of a cyberpunk “blade Runner 2049” and above fifty million dollars at the start, the reality was much more prosaic: the new “Gravity” and the new “Martian” did not work, but it turned out hardly more than thirty start that even with a high endurance will allow you to pay back 150 million budget at least nominally, and if international hire suddenly a miracle happens, the film does will be doomed to failure.

For comparison, last year’s successful hit Denis Villeneuve’s “Arrival” in three times less the budget started with $24 million, and finished with a hundred. It is unlikely that even at an empty October this time you get something fundamentally different. Conclusion? Some appease the fans will not get far.

As for the other members of the chart, then from the five films is located in a tight group from 10 to 8 million, of which happened two premiere, while main-timers fell by half, so the gross box office almost did not rise from the current unprincipled values, and total hundreds of overseas majors have not given. Sadness and sorrow.

In particular,”mountains Between us” gathered his top ten (with a budget of $35 million), the novelization of “My little pony” went to nine with an unknown budget, while “It” was limited to fall 42% to reach already $305 million in domestic box office, finally “Kingsmen 2” with the current $80 million finally loses hope of probation to pay back home hundred-million budget, here a little, but not enough.

This week the overseas launch of the “Foreigner” (2300+ sites) and “Happy day of the dead” (3000). Special achievements there are not expected so that the gross box office again strongly moves South.

Box-office USA: 6-8 October, “blade Runner 2049” fails 09.10.2017

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