Box-office USA: “blade Runner 2049” flew below all forecasts 09.10.2017

Note: data is preliminary and subject to change.

1. “Blade runner 2049”, $ 31.5 million, 4058 cinemas

In late September, the film by Denis Villeneuve predicted 43-47 million dollars at the start in the United States. Later, amid rave reviews from critics (Rotten Tomatoes — 89%, Metacritic — 81), the amount increased to 50 million.

However, the “blade Runner 2049” had to face reality. The picture was not a typical blockbuster, but is viscous, meditative intellectual fiction (as well as the original film by Ridley Scott, who continues a new tape). That is not exactly what the ordinary (and mostly young) audience expects to see from a big Hollywood spectacle. In such a situation looks ironic, since the original “blade Runner” when it failed at the American box office, becoming a cult in the years that followed.

Nevertheless, the film has shown the most successful start in the career of Denis Villeneuve (the last record was for “Arrival” from 24.1 million), and actor Ryan Gosling (previously was the leader of “This stupid love” with 19.1 million, and a triumphant “La La land” started with a limited release and at peak times reached $ 17.7 million for the weekend). Production the film’s budget is estimated at approximately 150-185 million dollars.

“Blade runner 2049”

For comparison, here’s how debuted other high-profile science fiction projects of last years: “gravity” — 55,8 million, “edge of tomorrow” — 28.8 million, “Mad Max: fury Road” — 45 million, “the Martian” — 54.3 million, “Alien: the Covenant” — 36.2 million.

86% of the audience “blade Runner, 2049” was older than 25 years. The rating received by the film according to the survey company Cinemascore, was quite high — A-.

2. “Mountains between us”, 10.1 million dollars, 3088 theaters

Picture with Kate Winslet and Idris Elba played on the contrast with “blade Runner”. She mostly came the female audience (58%) and the public over the age of 25 (81%). In General, the fees turned out better than the recent “mount Everest” (7.3 million dollars), but the painting of Baltazar Kormakur was critical acclaim than the tape “Between the mountains” can not boast (Rotten Tomatoes — 46%, Metacritic — 47). Rating from viewers on Cinemascore polls — A-.

3. “It”, 9.7 million USD (-42%), 3605 theaters

The main hit of September after a month rental is still in the top three. During this time, the film Andres, Mosketti assembled in the USA us $ 305 million.

4. “My Little Pony movie”, 8.8 million dollars, 2528 cinemas

Full-length, based on the famous franchise of Hasbro (it includes the doll, the animated series, etc.), started poorly at the box office. Critics reacted indifferently to it (Rotten Tomatoes — 58%, Metacritic — 41). Rating from viewers on Cinemascore polls — A-.

5. “Kingsman: the Golden ring,” $ 8.1 million (-52%), 3488 cinemas

The espionage action sequel to Matthew Vaughn for 17 days has earned $ 80 million, which is slightly less than that of the original painting two years ago (she had more than 85 million).

6. “Made in America” $ 8.1 million (-51%), 3917 cinemas

The new pictures starring Tom cruise 30,4 million dollars in ten days.

7. “LEGO. Ninjago. Film,” $ 6.8 million (-42%), 3611 cinemas

17 days from the new animated film from Warner Bros. accumulated 43.8 million. “LEGO. The movie” that launched the franchise, based on the production of the famous Danish Corporation, for the same period was 183 million dollars.

8. “Victoria and Abdul”, $ 4.1 million (+279%), 732 cinema

The historical tape of Stephen Frears was launched in limited release a couple weeks ago, when the “battle of the sexes”. Nevertheless, much less number of copies (732) this weekend painting with Judi Dench earned more than her far more critics of any competitor.

9. “The flatliners”, 3.8 million USD (-42%), 2552 cinema

A remake and a sequel to the movie is Joel Schumacher’s 1990 pretty steadfastly withstood the second weekend (his fall was weaker than the “It” and second “curse of Annabel”). In ten days the film has collected 12.3 million.

10. “Battle of the sexes”, 2.4 million dollars (-29%), 1822 cinema

Biographical retrocomedy with Emma stone and Steve Carrell again increased the number of new screens (from 1213 until 1822). It helped her not so much to fall compared to last weekend. The film is clearly aiming for the active participation in the coming award season, so interest in it will then fade, then flare up again.

In addition, four cinemas started the film “Project Florida” Sean Baker. She earned 153 thousand dollars. Detail about this picture Kinopoisk wrote festival in Cannes this year.

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Box-office USA: “blade Runner 2049” flew below all forecasts 09.10.2017

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