Box-office USA: “Cars 3” has shown the worst start in franchise history 19.06.2017

Note: data is preliminary and subject to change.

1. “3 cars”, 53.5 million dollars, 4256 cinemas

The first “Cars” in 2006, started from 60.1 million and subsequently increased the debut fees four times (244 million). Their sequel to 2011 began the procession by American rental with 66.1 million, but eventually earned 191.5 million dollars.

The start of “Cars 3”, which became the 16th film of Pixar that the move topped the U.S. chart looks weaker not only against the mentioned paintings, but pales in comparison to the PEC-ends of the past, also fell on father’s Day. In 2015 action adventure “Jurassic World” at about the same date brought 106,6 million, and the animated film “finding Dory” in 2016, made his debut with 135,1 million.

Soon, a third “Cars” will clash with new “Despicable me” that predicts 85-90 million over the weekend. However, speaking about “Cars”, it is difficult to judge the success of a franchise only at the box office, because the revenues from related products, is dedicated to the heroes of this story, for a long time billions.

“Cars 3”

“For our company it is a very important franchise. The plot and new characters are great. Very glad to see a new generation of fans of Cars”, — said the head of the rolling Department for Disney Dave Hollis, noting that the Studio was pleased with this start.

Critics reacted to the third film of the franchise is better than the second: Rotten Tomatoes — 66%, Metacritic — 59. Rating from audiences polled by Cinemascore representatives of the company, — A. “Cars 2” six years ago was valued by the viewer on A- (i.e. a-minus).

2. “Wonder woman”, of $ 40.8 million (-30%), 4018 cinemas

A joint project of Warner Bros. and DC the third weekend earned more than just “the Dark knight” (42,7 million). “Batman vs. Superman” and “suicide Squad”, despite the higher start, the same stage earned 23.3 million and 20.9 million, respectively.

All in all, “Wonder woman” until brought to the United States 274,6 million. Worldwide last Friday, the tape has broken the barrier of half a billion fees.

“This is the tape we are behind last year’s summer [General duties] at 9%, now equal. But the industry prefers it when things go better, not the same as before,” says media analyst comScore Floor Dergarabedian.

3. “2pac: the Legend”, $ 27.1 m, 2471 cinema

If you do not take an adjustment for inflation, a biopic about the rapper Tupac Shakura showed a little better than the “Notorius”, talks about, too, who died in 1997, rapper The Notorious B. I. G. (the one gathered in 2009 to 20.5 million).

Even before the release of the project attracted attention in connection with the statements Jada Pinkett Smith. The actress is close friends with the musician and was unhappy with how unreliable it is shown their relationship in the film, although she noted that the claims do not relate to the game’s leading actors.

Critical reaction overwhelmingly negative: Rotten Tomatoes is 24%, Metacritic — 38. Visitor surveys Cinemascore.

4. “The mummy”, $ 14 million (-56%), 4043 cinema

56.5 million — the total charges the film with Tom cruise for 10 days.

5. “The blue abyss”, 11.5 million dollars, 2270 cinemas

Thriller with Mandy Moore started almost at the level of the forecasts, giving the “Blue abyss” 12 million over three days (most analysts predicted the ribbon approximately 6-7 million). Rating the audience Cinemascore polls — C. the reaction of the critics: Rotten Tomatoes — 54%, Metacritic — 56.

6. “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales”, $ 8.5 million (-20%), 2759 cinemas

The fifth part of the disney franchise has reached in the US $ 150 million of total collections.

“Very bad girls”

7. “Very bad girl”, 8 million dollars, 4018 cinemas

What a Comedy from the creators of broad city Scarlett Johansson is one of the main roles will come to her, projected from 15 to 25 million over the weekend, it became clear when I received the first information about Friday’s training camp. The movie earned in first day of 3 million. But at the end of the weekend he will not leave even predicted to him by the editor of Variety JD Knappa 9 million. Critics reacted to the picture without sympathy: Rotten Tomatoes — 50%, Metacritic — 52. Rating from audiences polled by Cinemascore company, — C+.

8. “Captain Underpants: the First epic movie,” $ 7.4 million (-39%), 2968 cinemas

Cartoon from DreamWorks Animation brought in 58 million for the time of his hire.

9. “Guardians Of The Galaxy. Part 2,” $ 5 million (-21%), 1813 cinemas

Superhero draft of James Gunn’s currently earned 374,9 million.

10. “It comes at night” $ 2.6 million (-56%), 2450 cinemas

The horror of distributor A24 in the second week he began to lose giving him the screens (minus 83). In 10 days the critics any movie with Joel Edgerton produced in the U.S. 11.1 million.

“Henry’s book” Colin Trevorrow’s (rating on Rotten Tomatoes right now is 25%) collected 1.4 million in 579 theaters.

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Box-office USA: “Cars 3” has shown the worst start in franchise history 19.06.2017

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