Box-office USA: July 28-30, Nolan is fighting with Emoji 31.07.2017

The ocean has not yet July but already over blockbusters — after “Alien: Testament” for some reason dumped from empty Aug in may (and there is really nothing not collected), his place was not busy something anything promising, and this year is traditionally the most dead in the calendar month of September promises to give us more hits than August.

This is good news for the old-timers, first and foremost — for “Dunkirk“not without a fight has retained first place with a reasonable drop of 44%. The resist film was worse than “the Beginning” (32%) and “interstellar” (38%), but better than most summer blockbusters, and $28.1 million for the second weekend and $102.8 million for the first ten days of hire it surely is already in the 180-200 million total box office, where it will meet the exact same “interstellar” ($188 million) and may be temporary, but still, the title of the highest-grossing release of the year, which is not a remake or part of a franchise. Worldwide box office, has reached $234 million, intends to conquer half a billion in production costs of$100 million.

The main opponent of Chris Nolan was the shame of the season by the name of “Emoji movie“on Friday managed to lure in the movie enough poor parents to gather the top ten and become a leader with two million gap. However, the reputation of the film quickly caught up to him, and at the end of the weekend it was limited to the amount of $25.7 millionand a half times behind “Angry birds” ($38.2 million) and the first “the Smurfs” ($35.6 million). However, Sony is still not going through because the animation was autsorsera abroad, and the production budget was a modest $50 million, even with the bad stamina novice able to make a profit.

The third place was battered his Comedy “Girl trip” — after the great start, the film fell by only 36% and continues to single-handedly save the genre with $20.1 million for the second weekend and $65.5 million of current cash, which hence must at least be doubled. And already after the second Prime Minister in the face of “the Explosive blonde” — stylized comic action with Charlize Theron produced $18.6 million, being the result closer to the first “John Wick” ($14.4 million) than the second (of$30.4 million), but without losing the possibility to reserve to repulse house a reasonable budget of $30 million.

Next “spider-Man: coming home” finally got the opportunity to breathe freely, and held under 40 percent drop, the result was $13.5 million for the fourth weekend and $278,4 million Subtotal, to which the film could add another sorokovnik. Much less successful “planet of the apes: War” sunk in half to $10.4 million third weekend and $of 118.7 million current cash (in front of her not more than thirty), and “Despicable me 3” under some pressure “Emoji” has fallen by 40% to $7.7 million for the fifth weekend and $at $ 230.4 million for the month of hire.

On the eighth row was the final funeral for “Valerian and city of a thousand worlds” — after a disastrous start, coooper Luc Besson fell 60% to $6.8 million for the weekend and $30.6 million Subtotal, around though “the Sword of king Arthur” ($39.1 million) to become the least cash vysokobyudzhetnogo season. The rest of the “Little drive” and “Love — sickness” together declined by a third, the first movie — to $4 million for the weekend and $92 million Subtotal, the second to $3.4 million and of $30.4 million. And finally, wedged in between “Wonder woman“, showed the best decline in the top 15 (23%), $3.5 million for the ninth weekend and $395,4 million for two months of rent to which it pace will add another 15 million.

Regarding the first weekend of August, it looks like this no matter what “Dunkerque” to fully claim leadership for the third time against him go suffering, similar to the film in everything from the budget to the timing of the “Dark tower” (3200+) based on real events that few people are eager to relive, drama Kathryn BigelowDetroit” and several times postponed and has long been leaked in the Internet a Thriller with Halle berryKidnapping“. Follow our reviews.

Box-office USA: July 28-30, Nolan is fighting with Emoji 31.07.2017

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