Box-office USA: June 9-11, “Wonder woman” dominates 12.06.2017

After a good, but not extraordinary launch of “Wonder woman” has yet to become a leading contender for the title of the main cash history this summer. Despite belonging to the genre, with the years, less and less associated with endurance, and the arrival of a competitor, armed with four thousand playgrounds, the film dropped over the ocean at a phenomenal 44% — the last two superhero kinokomedii, stay the same, or better, was “the New Spiderman” and “Batman begins”, both of which started much lower and was released on Tuesday or Wednesday, which was also softened his fall.

Resulting in $57.2 million, “Wonder woman”, which started in the tens of millions below its three predecessors in kynoselen DC, not only showed the best among them the second weekend (and bypass the $51.3 million of “Batman vs. Superman”), but, at the current $205 million, confidently claims the lead in duties — there is also need to reach last year’s film by Zack Snyder ($330,4 million), and pressure to do this clearly should be enough but a week ago no one seriously thought. As for the global box office, she got to $435 million, depending on how the movie will perform in Germany and Japan, he can bypass not only “Man of steel” ($668 million), but “suicide Squad” ($745 million).

Second place, meanwhile, took another big-undershoot, which this summer is already more than double success. “The mummy“, is selected in order to bring back to life kynoselen monsters “Universal”, but caught in the shadows “Wonder woman” and mercilessly beaten by the critics, got three days $32.2 million — significantly less than all three films with Brendan Fraser, the least of which is cash, the third, still collected more than $40 million nine years ago.

Everidge beginner managed not to give in to the recent “Dracula” about whom everything has already conveniently forgotten, and the final of his fees with the cool spectator’s ratings can beat two-thirds of the production budget of $125 million. Worldwide box office, according to the results of the widespread of the start component of $174 million, will bring the film to payback, but if some universe here, and ultimately it will emerge, where rather in spite of “the Mummy” than because of her. All the hopes of the producers now rely on “Bride of Frankenstein” — if this attempt fails, then the entire project will remain only something to bury.

Next “Captain Underpants” and “pirates of the Caribbean 5” sank half, which led cartoon to $12.3 million for the second weekend and $44,6 million Subtotal, and the fifth part of the pirate franchise — to $10.7 million and $135.8 million, ahead of both 20-25 million. For them, the best drop on the charts showed “Guardians of the Galaxy 2” — Kinomaks fell 36% to $6.2 million for the sixth weekend and $366,4 million Subtotal, in front of his tag.

Outside of the five leaders started the minimalist horror,”It comes at night” — the film, warmly received by critics, but from the very first session accompanied by complaints of deceptive marketing, has raised $6 million, immediately breaking production budget, but significantly behind the “Witches” ($8.8 million) issued in similar circumstances the same Studio A24; total fees freshman now probably does not amount to $15 million In the rest of the “Baywatch” sank by half to $4.6 million for the third weekend and $51 million Subtotal, and “Alien: Testament” fell by 56% to $1.8 million for the fourth weekend and $71 million of the current Fund.

The third weekend in June will provide American viewers four wide premiere — start earning “Pixar” easy money on toys “Cars 3” (3900) star in the black Comedy “Very bad girls” (3000), a biopic about Tupac Shakur’s2pac: the Legend” (2400), the highlight of the program is the shark horror film “deep Blue“, released last year straight to DVD, then hastily taken from it and the receive now saturation in 3500 sites. Follow our reviews.

Box-office USA: June 9-11, “Wonder woman” dominates 12.06.2017

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