Box-office USA: Pennywise fought with Tom cruise and won 02.10.2017

Note: data is preliminary and subject to change.

1. “It”, 17.3 million dollars (-41%), 3917 cinemas

Fees weak debut of a new project with the participation of Tom cruise allowed a hit horror film from Warner Bros. with the agility of its main villain, Pennywise again to climb to the top of U.S. charts. So for “It” this is the third weekend in the lead. The entire film Andres, Moscetti, staged on the novel by Stephen king, collected 291,2 million dollars.

2. “Made in America”, 17 million 16 thousand dollars, 3024 cinema

Charges debut “Made in America” to become Tom cruise, one of the worst in his career. However, the ribbon really stands out from the rich filmography of the actor and shows it as an anti-hero. “In fact, there is nothing to sell, except the participation of one of Tom cruise” — says Forbes analyst Scott Mendelson.

In the work on “Made in America”, the actor once again joined forces with Director Doug Lyman, with whom they successfully collaborated on the “edge of tomorrow”. Their last films were also big problems at the start (28.8 million of the $ 185-million project still very little), but later, she still managed to crawl through hundred-million barrier thanks to the enthusiastic reviews of critics and the accolades of the public.

If we talk about the critics, here the new film of Lyman and Cruz is also all right: Rotten Tomatoes — 87%, Metacritic — 65. But there is one obvious problem — it’s lost the youth audience, which chose to go for the horror film “It” and the sequel espionage action “Kingsman”. Therefore, 91% of the audience “Made in America” was older than 25 years. And half of the audience surveyed on the shows of paintings by representatives of the service Cinemascore (in General, the interviewees rated the film B+) were older than 50 years.

Of course, next year the situation will correct the sixth part of the franchise “Mission: impossible”, but “Made in America” for the third bad collecting in the U.S., the project of Tom cruise in a row. Before him was a sequel to “Jack Reacher” and “the Mummy”.

Officially announced the production budget of “Made in America” — $ 50 million.

3. “Kingsman: the Golden ring”, the $ 17 million (-56%), 4038 cinemas

Continued espionage action 2015 is on par with its predecessor. Ten days a new picture Matthew Vaughn has earned 66.7 million dollars. Last part over the same period, brought in 68 million.

4. “LEGO. Ninjago. The movie,” $ 12 million (-41%), 4047 cinemas

The next project from the animation franchise based on the products of the Lego company is very firmly held on the second weekend. Nevertheless, his fees are very much lagging behind from its predecessors. For ten days, “Ninjago” earned 35.6 million, while the first “LEGO. The movie” over the same period, has mastered the 130.1 million dollars.

5. “The flatliners”, USD 6.7 million, 2552 cinema

A remake and as a sequel to the picture of Joel Schumacher’s 1990 enraged the critics (Rotten Tomatoes is 3%, Metacritic — 31) and started even weaker film 27 years ago. The original “the Flatliners” once at the start earned 10 million (at the end of the hire — 61,5 million dollars). The new version of the same story is unlikely to reach the 20 million of total collections.

Rating from audiences polled by Cinemascore company amounted to B-that is pretty high for horror.

“The war of the sexes”

6. “The war of the sexes”, a 3.4 million (+559%), 1213 cinemas

Retro Comedy with Emma stone and Steve Carell expanded coverage areas (from 21 to 1213). For ten days she has collected 4.1 million dollars. Great detail about the film IMDb told in a report from the festival in Toronto.

7. “Mercenary” $ 3.3 million (-46%), 3020 cinemas

Action with Dylan O’brien and Michael Keaton in the lead roles has been in American theaters for 17 days. During this time he earned 31.9 million.

8. “Visiting Alice”, $ 1.8 million (-45%), 2370 cinemas

For a romantic Comedy with Reese Witherspoon this is the fourth weekend. She brought 25.2 million dollars

9. “Till death do us part,” 1.6 million dollars, 562 cinema

A Thriller that focuses on a black audience, gathered in limited release $ 1.5 million. For comparison, similar in style to the movie “No good deeds” with Idris Elba and Taraji P. Henson, three years ago, earned over the first weekend in 2175 venues 24.3 million. Another, less stellar project “All secret becomes obvious”, released in 2016 2246 in theaters, brought at the start of 14.2 million.

On Rotten Tomatoes, “Till death do us part,” only one review, but positive.

10. “mother!” $ 1.5 million (-55%), 1840 cinemas

A mixed tape of Darren Aronofsky closes the top ten. Last week, she was fifth. Only the film brought 16.3 million.

Christian drama “a Matter of faith” the first weekend has collected 1,05 thousand dollars. Ribbon “Lucky” with the late Harry Dean Stanton and David Lynch in the lead roles has earned 46 thousand in five theaters.

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Box-office USA: Pennywise fought with Tom cruise and won 02.10.2017

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