Box-office USA: Second “Kingsman” has started a little better than the first part 25.09.2017

Note: data is preliminary and subject to change.

1. “Kingsman: the Golden ring”, a $ 39 million 4003 cinema

Two years ago, the film adaptation of the comic book by Mark Millar, “Kingsman: the Secret service” was launched from 36.2 million dollars. The sequel earned in the first three days slightly more, but not so much like the critics (Rotten Tomatoes — 50%, Metacritic — 45). It is important to note that the original film was launched in February, shortly before the Presidential days, while the sequel appeared on American screens in the fall season.

“We have strengthened its franchise and very happy,” appreciated the launch of the sequel to head of the American hire Studio 20th Century Fox Chris Aronson. Rating from audiences polled by Cinemascore company, is equal to B+.

Top ten last weekend gathered 110,3 million dollars, which is 19% higher than in 2016, when those days started the remake of “the Magnificent seven” (34.7 million), but 12% lower than in 2015, when the leader was “Transylvania 2” (48.5 million).

2. “It,” $ 30 million (-50%), 4007 cinemas

Technically “It” in the US has outstripped at the box office such classics of horror as “the exorcist” (William Friedkin film 232,7 million dollars). In the genre just ahead of “the Sixth sense” M. night Shyamalan with 293,5 million dollars. Now the “It” 266,3 million dollars for 17 days.

However, the number of spectators who came to the sessions (which is more or less the only indicator that demonstrated the popularity of a film without taking into account inflation affecting the value of the tickets), the picture of Andres, Mosketti still far. “The exorcist” on this indicator among the ten most popular films in U.S. history — about 110 million viewers. “The sixth sense” — 68 place with almost 58 million.

“It” is still not in the top 200 tapes with the highest attendance. But if fulfilled predictions of analysts and the film will be selected for General duties in 330 million dollars, he has all chances to get somewhere on the last lines of the list, where now, for example, are such projects as “the suicide Squad” (325 million of fees and 38.2 million viewers) and “Batman V Superman: dawn of justice” (330 million of fees and 38.3 million viewers).

In the same list, by the way, there are three films from 2017: “beauty and the beast” (57 million viewers), “Wonder woman” (46 million viewers) and “Guardians of the Galaxy. Part 2” (slightly less than 44 million viewers).

“LEGO. Ninjago. The film”

3. “LEGO. Ninjago. Film”, 21.4 million dollars, 4047 cinemas

Another spin-off “LEGO. The movie”, which was released in 2017. Last time was about Batman, which immediately gave him a powerful advantage. “Ninjago” is the eponymous series of toys from the Lego franchise. Feature film based on it, shot for $ 70 million, was more than the first “LEGO. The movie” ($60 million), but cheaper “LEGO. Batman” ($80 million).

The “Ninjago” was weaker than its predecessors, not only start-up fees (EC $ 69.5 million in the first part and 53 million have history of Batman), but the critics ratings (Rotten Tomatoes — 53%, Metacritic — 55). “I was hoping that [at the start] will gather more. We know that each of the films in the franchise based on a series of different designers. This clearly is not yet ripe [for his full-length]”, — said the head of American distribution for Warner Bros. Jeff Goldstein.

“Probably the two movie franchises on Lego in one year was too much,” — said the author of The Associated Press Jake Coyle. Most likely in the USA “Ninjago” will go the way of last year’s “Storks”, also released by Warner Bros. and if you like the start to reach 70 million common charges.

Evaluation of the audience, of those polled by Cinemascore Is B+.

4. “Mercenary” 6.3 million dollars (-57%), and 3154 of the cinema

Thriller with Dylan O’brien and Michael Keaton earned in ten days of 26.2 million dollars.

5. “Visiting Alice”, $ 3.3 million (-36%), 2685 cinemas

A romantic film with Reese Witherspoon in 17 days saved in the United States of 22.3 million dollars.

6. “mother!” $ 3.3 million (-56%), 2368 cinemas

Despite the low rating received from the audience, which questioned the company Cinemascore, on the second weekend of “mom!” Darren Aronofsky has not fallen as much as it could. Ten days tape with Jennifer Lawrence collected $ 13.4 million.

7. “Friend request”, 2.4 million dollars, 2573 cinema

With a strong delay in the US out of the European horror Simon Verhoeven (for example, in Russia it on the big screen you could see more in the spring of 2016). Their similar projects immediately come to mind “Remove from friends”, which at the start has collected much more (15.9 million dollars).

Critics reacted negatively to the picture: Rotten Tomatoes — 20%, Metacritic — 33. Rating from audiences polled by Cinemascore company amounted to C+.

8. “The bodyguard killer” of $ 1.9 million (-48%), 2037 cinemas

Action Comedy with Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson earned for all time of rent 74 million dollars.


9. “Stronger,” $ 1.7 million, 574 cinema

After a successful show in Toronto, the company Roadside Attractions hurried to release the tape is “Stronger” in limited release.

Critics note the “Stronger” powerful game Jake Gyllenhaal, is able to qualify for participation in the race for the prize of the American Academy, which means the distributor was indeed a need to accurately be able to see and appreciate the simple audience. Along with members of the Acting Guild who roughly to November to form a rough list of contenders for their award. It is important in order to identify potential participants the Oscars in the acting categories. In the past year because its too late access to the distribution of acting awards late “Founding father” John Lee Hancock and “the Silence” by Martin Scorsese. Roadside clearly appreciates the chances of your project to the next award season.

Press from the picture with Gyllenhaal in love (Rotten Tomatoes — 95%, Metacritic — 76). Time to a copy of the movie amounted to only three thousand dollars. 65% of the audience is female.

IMDb also looked “Stronger” in Toronto and shared their impressions in a special material.

10. “Windy river”, $ 1.3 million (-50%), 1431 cinema

Tape Taylor Sheridan is brewed in the cauldron of the American rental for nearly two months. During this time she collected $ 31.7 million.

“Battle of the sexes” produced 525 thousand in 21 movie theater (a detailed report about the film festival in Toronto, read here). “Victoria and Abdul” by Stephen Frears, made weaker — 152 thousand in the same number of sites.

Independent Comedy “the Status of brad” Ben Stiller has expanded screens (from four to 453), which gave her 1 million dollars for the weekend.

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Box-office USA: Second “Kingsman” has started a little better than the first part 25.09.2017

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