Box-office USA: “the Dark tower” earned $ 19.5 mln 07.08.2017

Note: data is preliminary and subject to change.

1. “The dark tower”, 19.5 million dollars, 3451 cinema

Long-suffering eight-screen adaptation of the epic Stephen king finally made it to screens. For the much-discussed film debut fees was small.

Saves the “Dark bashou” from high-profile failure of a small budget of 60 million. “This project has always been a very ambitious and bold enterprise, but it is a very correct price”, — says the President of the American distribution company Sony Pictures Adrian Smith. A year ago at the top of the US charts was “suicide Squad”, which gathered over the weekend 133,7 million. Because of such weak leadership of the current box-office total fees for three days decreased by 46% compared to last year.

“Dark tower” tried for years to start production. First, it wanted to make J. J. Abrams. Then he was replaced by Ron Howard and Brian Grazer. How to further develop the painting, you can see some of the reasons for its weak charges.

Before the release of “the Dark tower” is supplied as film-an introduction to the mythology of this Saga, which later would be continued in a series of new tapes. However, this promotion plan over time somehow lost, and the film began to speak as simply about the adaptation of the story, without going into such details. That screen is clearly not a sort of compendium of the entire universe of Stephen king, it was clear, when the media leaked information about the timing tape, fit into 95 minutes.

The film was presented as a great event, although it clearly did not. Now the Studio is, as before, is planning to develop the story in the format of a television series, for which he paid, show-run of “the Walking dead”.

If you compare with other bands, mixing different genres, debut fees “the Dark tower” were approximately at the level of the film “President Lincoln: vampire Hunter” (he earned 16.3 million). They are much higher than that of the film “Pride and prejudice and zombies” (5.3 million), but lower than that of the film “Cowboys vs. aliens” (to 36.4 million).

Critics reacted negatively to the film: Rotten Tomatoes — 18%, Metacritic — 35. Rating from audiences polled by Cinemascore company, — B. 68% of the audience “the Dark tower” was older than 25 years and 58% male.

2. “Dunkerque”, 17.6 million dollars (-33%), 4014 cinemas

Warner Bros. he added, “the Dunkirk” 266 sites. Total charges tape 17 days equals 133,6 million dollars.

3. “Emoji movie” $ 12.4 million (-49%), 2582 cinema

Animated film with a record low rating from critics in its genre (Rotten Tomatoes — 7%) quite bearable survived the second weekend. Ten days of “Emoji movie” has earned 49.5 million.

4. “Catch a girl”, $ 11.4 million (-41%), 2582 cinema

The only successful Comedy age rating R all closer to conquering stoelinga abroad. For 17 days the “Cool girls” gathered 85,4 million. For comparison, the “bridesmaids” for the same period collected approximately the same amount, and for all the hire — 169,1 million.


5. “Abduction,” $ 10.2 million, 2378 cinemas

Career of the owner of the Oscar statuette, Halle Barry long is stagnating, and, except for the appearance in the franchise “X-Men”, the only successful project in recent years was the film “emergency call”.

“Abduction” is in the same niche of cheap thrillers. Announced budget — $ 20 million. Debut training session pictures turned out less than the “alarm call” (17.1 million), but higher than the “Cloud Atlas” (9.6 million).

In General, to start two times weaker than the strong “the Dark tower” — this is clearly a good result for a film that became a victim of bankruptcy developed his Relativity Media and could not reach cinemas for three years (“Abduction” was filmed in 2014).

Reviews from critics are mostly not enthusiastic: Rotten Tomatoes — 40%, Metacritic — 45. Evaluation of the audience, of those polled by Cinemascore Is B+.

In September, Halle berry can be seen in the sequel espionage action “Kingsman: the Secret service”.

6. “Spider-man: coming home,” 8.8 million dollars (-33%), 3116 cinemas

Project Marvel Studios has collected for a month in rental 294,9 million. During the same period the other film companies this year, “Guardians of the Galaxy 2”, earned 355,6 million.

7. “The explosive blonde”, 8.2 million dollars (-54%), 3326 cinemas

Action David Letch for General duties now exceeds the “John Wick” (to 34.1 million compared to 27.5 million), but its fees are still analysts called disappointing.


8. “Detroit”, 7.3 million dollars (+1970%), 3007 cinemas

“Detroit” is the third collaborative film by Director Kathryn Bigelow and screenwriter Mark Boal. The past was a triumph of “the hurt locker” and “number one Goal”.

“I wanted to this weekend more people bought tickets, but we’re really proud of our film. He is A – on Cinemascore, and critics are just gorgeous,” commented the head of Department of hire of the company Annapurna Pictures Eric Loomis charges tape over the weekend.

In limited release, “Detroit” was launched last week. Last weekend he was expanding the number of sites. 7.8 million in ten days — a fairly modest fees, but as is always the case with such copyright tapes, the distributor hopes that the audience is older still catch up in the movie, and the tape is in for a long marathon.

Reviews from critics have of the film is really mostly positive: Rotten Tomatoes — 88% and Metacritic — 78. Rating from viewers on Cinemascore polls — A-.

9. “Planet of the apes: the war of the”, $ 6 million (-42%), 2704 cinema

Despite rave reviews, the film Matt Reeves will be hard to even get to him analysts predicted 150-million line of total collections. Recall that the previous part of the “Planet of the apes” assembled in the USA 208, 5 million.

10. “Despicable me 3”, $ 5.3 million (-30%), 2445 cinemas

Closes the top ten the third part of the animated franchise studios Illumination Entertainment and Universal. She gathered 240,8 million during the rental.

Meanwhile, the “Wonder woman” crossed the milestone of 400 million dollars of American taxes. Tape, Patty Jenkins became the second blockbuster of 2017, which succeeded. The previous one was the disney hit “beauty and the beast”.

“Windy river” Taylor Sheridan started in limited release. She gathered 164 thousand in four theaters.

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Box-office USA: “the Dark tower” earned $ 19.5 mln 07.08.2017

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