Bryce Dallas Howard in the footsteps of his father-Director 29.07.2017

Partners on the set of a sci-Fi picture “interstellar” Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway are reunited in a secret project — Noir Thriller, Steven knight’sSerenity“. About the film for a long time nothing was known, and the role played by all participants in a theater company, were not disclosed.

The picture tells a mystical story about the captain of the fishing vessel on a tropical island that is faced here with the past, luring him into a trap of a new reality, in fact, is not what she seems. The details of the plot secret.

Shooting of the film take place on the island of Mauritius in East Africa. Knight not only stands by his Director, he also wrote the original script.

In addition to McConaughey and Hathaway, the film stars: Diane lane, Jason Clarke, Gimon Khonsu and Jeremy strong (“shorting”, “Judge”). Producer guy heeley (“lock”) and Greg Shapiro (“the hurt locker”, “Aim number one”). Just company IM Global has provided from the shooting of the first photo you can see above.

Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer aniston signed on for the series on the morning show

Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer aniston for the first time since the sitcom “Friends” where they played sisters who are reunited for the filming of the series about a morning television show. The object of his studies will be the media space is new York and its reverse side. According to rumors, among the Actresses of the times “Friends” also were not going smoothly, and some claim that they are seriously at odds, resulting in the screen time sisters Jill-Witherspoon, was markedly reduced. But now another thing, all past disagreements are settled and both “sisters” are ready for fruitful cooperation.

The idea of the series belongs to the former head of HBO at the drama and producer Michael Ellenberg. The script writes Jay Carson (“house of cards”), he also acts as Executive producer along with Stephen Clawson.

Witherspoon and aniston also claimed the Executive producers of the ring project. It is not known yet and that some of the television channels or media services shall provide the series area to display.

Bryce Dallas Howard in the footsteps of his father-Director

Bryce Dallas Howard debuted in directing with the film “wannabe Rock star” (“Sorta Like a Rock Star”) based on the novel by Matthew Quick (“My boyfriend the loony”). Still the daughter of Ron Howard was removed as a Director of several short films, music videos with Lily Collins and participated in the movie-the anthology “Call me crazy: five stories” (“Call Me Crazy: A Five Film”).

The heroine of the novel Matthew Quick — the girl amber Appleton, who lives in the back of a school bus with an alcoholic mother and a loyal dog. This shelter family found after the mother’s boyfriend kicked them out. Amber, contrary to the prevailing scenario of her life, unwilling to meekly accept the fate, and throws all his power, coupled with an inexhaustible optimism and hope for a better life for his mother and her eccentric friends: inadequate single mother raising a son with autism; the monk Chi with his students-chorus girls-Korean women; eighty-year old man,the nihilist, the group of gamers rogue and writer of haiku a war vet. But there can sometimes be a real tragedy and amber have to decide whether to surrender or continue the fight against adversity no matter what.

Working on the script writer/Director Ol Parker, known for such films as: “Imagine us together”, “Now is the time”, “Hotel marigold”, both parts. The producers — Whether Stallman, Wyck Godfrey and Marty Bowen.

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Bryce Dallas Howard in the footsteps of his father-Director 29.07.2017

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