Caris van Houten will play in the Thriller by Brian de Palma “Domino” 29.06.2017

In the Thriller by Brian de Palma with the working title “Domino” (“Domino”) was the replacement actress. Instead of the previously announced Christine Hendricks the lead female role will be played by Keris van Houten, well known for such projects as: “Game of thrones”, “Operation Valkyrie,” “Of time-during”, “Ripper”, “eaters”, “willpower”, and many others.
The main male role in Nikolaj Coster-Waldau.

I wonder what the actors previously starred in “Game of thrones”, although never met on set. Van Houten joked about it: “Who knew Jaime Lannister and Melisandre will meet outside of Westeros?”

Event “Dominoes” takes place between Scandinavia and Spain. The story is about a COP from Copenhagen, hungry for revenge for a mysterious criminal named Imran who killed his partner. COP turns for help to his colleague and mistress of the deceased to track down the family of Imran, but not so easy to implement his plan. Between the two parties begins a game of cat-and-mouse that attracts the attention of a dangerous CIA agent.

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau plays a COP who wants to put a dangerous criminal, and Caris van Houten will play a COP and a mistress of the deceased partner of the protagonist.

The script for the film written by Peter Skavlan (“Kon-Tiki”). Shooting will start soon and will be held on the territory of several countries: Belgium, Spain, Denmark and Holland.

Caris van Houten will play in the Thriller by Brian de Palma “Domino” 29.06.2017

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