Corey Stoll landed on the moon along with the “First person” 22.06.2017

After five months of filming, Phil Lord and Chris Miller left the set pictures about Han Solo — one of the main characters of the movie series “Star wars.” Moreover, a reputable movie publication Variety says that the Directors were dismissed.

President of Lucasfilm Kathleen Kennedy commented as follows:

“Phil Lord and Chris Miller — talented Directors, brought together a stunning cast of performers and crew, but it became clear that in respect of the film have completely different creative vision, so we decided to leave. Name a new Director soon to be announced”.

Comment from dismissed Lord and Miller:

“Unfortunately, our partners did not share our vision of the project and the shooting process. And although we don’t really like the phrase “creative differences”, this time it accurately reflects reality. We are proud of their team and the players”.

The picture will cover the seven years of the life of Han Solo from 18 to 24 years old when he became the owner of the ship “Millennium Falcon” and met Chewbacca. We also learn how he got his name, stood up to the unjust way of the thief and smuggler with questionable morals and I first met in Mos Eisley, Luke Skywalker and Obi-WAN Kenobi.

The script was written for Lawrence and the John Then. The main roles are played: Alden Ehrenreich (Han Solo), Donald Glover (Lando Calrissian), Emilia Clarke, woody Harelson, Tandy Newton and Jonas Swatara (Chewbacca).

The film will begin as previously planned, on may 25, 2018.

Daniel day-Lewis announced the end of her acting career

Legendary British actor Daniel day-Lewis, the only one in the history of the American film Academy awarded three awards “Oscar” for best actor, announced the end of his career. Earlier, the actor repeatedly tried to leave the film and are often filmed at long intervals. He beat a lot of heroes and anti-heroes from the presidents and tyrants to businessmen and artists and have worked with the best Directors in modern cinema — Martin Scorsese, Steven Spielberg, Jim Sheridan.

In the 1990-ies, day-Lewis had already left the cinema, devoting himself to wood processing and Shoe trade. His return took place in 2002 for drama Martin Scorsese’s “Gangs of new York” where he was with great difficulty persuaded to return to the Director, who is the second main role of Leonardo DiCaprio and producer Harvey Weinstein. After starring in the picture, he also expressed the desire to leave the cinema, but was limited to only big interruption.

The representative of day-Lewis said that the actor is “very grateful to all colleagues and viewers support over the years. The decision was made for personal reasons, and neither he nor his representatives will no longer give on this occasion no explanatory comment.”

His last appearance in the acting quality will take place in the movie “Ghost thread” (“Phantom Thread”) directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, with whom he previously starred in the drama “Oil” and got this job his second “Oscar”. The picture is released on Christmas day, in December. She will tell the dramatic story from the world of high fashion, which takes place in London in 1950-ies of the behind the scenes business.

Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat undertake the development of “Dracula” for TV

The showrunners of “Sherlock” mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat will undertake the development of the least popular literary character Dracula. Currently, the project is discussed with the broadcaster BBC. The producer of the series stands partner the Duo’s “Sherlock” — sue Virtue.

Dracula“is the most famous Gothic novel by Irish writer Bram Stokerpublished in 1897. His main character — the vampire aristocrat. However, we are, apparently, waiting is not quite the Dracula, or no one to whose image we have been taught many of the film adaptation. It is unclear so far, and the time in which to unfold the main events. It’s possible that Gatiss and Moffat will take action in our days. But the format of the series seems to be the same as in “Sherlock” — two or three half-hour series for the season.

I wonder what Brand Gatiss last year had a chance to play Dracula in a satirical production on the stage. He also admitted the tender feelings for the eponymous horror film in 1958, where the famous vampire was played by the legendary Christopher Lee, and van Helsing — Peter Cushing.

Damon Lindelof show-run by appointed “Guardians” for HBO

Damon Lindelof is developing a TV series for HBOKeepers” (“Watchmen”) on the eponymous comic book by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons 1980s. The TV station tried to film the comic book and even met for consultations with Zack Snyder, however, the current project, as they say, is not associated with the previous attempt. Lindelof serves as Executive producer and show-run multi-part project and will take part in the development of the script.

The source consists of twelve editions, republished as a graphic novel. It tells about an alternative America of the 1980s, where superheroes from 40-60 years and help the United States win the war in Vietnam. However, after just a few years the world again on the brink of war, now nuclear, and superheroes are outlawed. Most of them are retired, but some continue to work secretly for the government. One of them is killed, in a result reveals the conspiracy, the victims of which can become millions.

In 2009, the comic has been adapted by Zack Snyder. And although criticism of the film was mostly positive, it charges in world hire have been very modest. With a budget of $130 million, the film grossed only $185 million. the Main roles played by: Malin Akerman, Billy Crudup, Matthew Goode, Jackie Earle Haley, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Carla Gugino and Patrick Wilson.

In 2012, DC Comics released a series of comics “To the Custodians” (the”Before Watchmen”), which is a prequel with the stories of the past of the main characters, and later integrated them into the universe of DC.

The script “Power” will be written by David Mamet

David Mamet (“Hannibal”, “ronin”, “Red belt”, the “untouchables”) are trying to attract the film adaptation of the novel don Winslowthe Power” (“Force”). Currently he is in talks with Studio 20th Century Fox. The film’s Director is James Mangold.

In the center of the plot — a new York COP Danny Malone, a professional, award-winning Sergeant and a natural leader. Malone and his team “Da Force” are considered the most intelligent, hard, fast, brave and tough — a real elite with unlimited powers in the war with the bandits and trade in arms and drugs. For 18 years he is at the forefront, protecting the city from criminals and corrupt officials, but he and his guys know Danny Malone — a dirty COP Together with his team he helped himself to millions of dollars on the biggest heroin operation in the city’s history. Now Malone backed into the FBI placed a trap and to survive must walk a fine line between treason brothers in arms, partners, work, family and the woman he loved. And all this against the backdrop of intensifying the city’s racial conflagration that could destroy them all.

In the production of the film involved a Ridley Scott through Scott Free Productions, his partner in production Michael Schaefer, and Shane Salerno for the company, The Story Factory.

Corey Stoll landed on the moon along with the “First person”

Corey Stoll and Kyle Chandler will play along with Ryan Gosling in the biographical film Damian ChazelleFirst person” (“First Man”) about the American astronaut Neil Armstrongfirst landed on the moon.

The picture is shot on the book of James Hansen ‘s “First man: the Life of Neil A. Armstrong” (“First Man: A Life of Neil A. Armstrong”), written with the assistance of NASA and the family of the astronaut. Script writer — Josh singer (“In the spotlight”). In the picture the first person to be told about all the key events in the biography of Armstrong until his lunar expedition “Apollo-11”.

In 1969, during the space expedition ship “Apollo 11”, Armstrong the first men to set foot on the lunar surface. Before his triumph, he served in the U.S. Navy, participated in the Korean war from 1958, was a test pilot. Since 1971 he taught at the University of Cincinnati. In 1970, astronaut visited the Soviet Union as part of the NASA delegation.

The title role of Neil Armstrong takes Ryan Gosling. Corey Stoll will play Edwin “buzz” Aldrin — astronaut, lunar module pilot of the ship mission “Apollo 11”, the second after Armstrong set foot on the moon. Kyle Chandler will play astronaut Donald Slayton, who was involved in the NASA selection and training of crews, and selecting astronauts for landing on the moon.
The actor in the role of the third astronaut of the mission “Apollo 11” Michael Collins has yet to be announced. He piloted the command module in orbit of the moon when Armstrong and Aldrin landed on its surface.

In the production of the film involved the film company Universal Pictures and producers: Wyck Godfrey and Marty Bowen. Shooting starts soon, due on 12 October 2018.

Follow our news and film frames will follow all the others.

Corey Stoll landed on the moon along with the “First person” 22.06.2017

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