Daniel brühl, Rosamund pike and Vincent Cassel in the film “Entebbe” 30.07.2016

Daniel brühl, Rosamund pike and Vincent Cassel agreed to participate in the Thriller “Entebbe” (“Entebbe”). Screenplay — Greg Burke (“71”, directed by Jose Padilla.

The film will tell about operation Entebbe” made for the release of hostages of the aircraft company “air France” in June 1976. A group of terrorists from Pro-Palestinian organizations, the popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine hijacked a plane EN route flight tel Aviv — Paris. The pilot was ordered to land the ship at Entebbe airport in Uganda, whose President supported the terrorists. Then, the criminals freed hostages — not Jews and not with Israeli passports, the rest, including the crew, who did not want to throw the remaining passengers, closed in a separate room. The terrorists demanded that the governments of the several States to release 53 prisoners held in prisons in Israel, France, Switzerland, Germany and Kenya.

Only hostage left 105 people, four were killed.
The operation to rescue the people was taken by the special services of Israel and lasted 90 minutes. One of the ground teams was headed by the brother of Benjamin Netanyahu , Lieutenant Colonel Yonatan Netanyahu, was killed during the assault.

Daniel brühl and Rosamund pike will play in the group of the terrorists of the Germans, Wilfried Bose and Brigitte, Kuhlmann. The role of Vincent Cassel is not disclosed. Shooting begins in October.

Daniel brühl, Rosamund pike and Vincent Cassel in the film “Entebbe” 30.07.2016

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