Editor-in-chief of magazine “Art of cinema” became the film critic Anton Dolin 10.06.2017

Editor-in-chief of magazine “Art of cinema” appointed film critic Anton Dolin. On this day in Sochi at the “Kinotavr” has declared the Deputy chief editor Nina Zarkhi. “We chose the man who loved the magazine,” — said zarchi. She noted that the editors will continue the work of Dondurei and “will try to maintain a balance of availability, professionalism and academism”.

The decision was taken by the Board of founders and Board of Directors after may 10 at the age of 69 years passed away longtime chief editor Daniil Dondurei, who led the publication since 1993. Dondurey put into practice journal issue dedicated to relevant historical, socio – and cultural problems and shifted priorities monthly magazine with critical articles on analyses. The newspaper began to pay considerable attention to television, the Internet and contemporary art. Another important activity of the magazine is to support Russian screenwriting. The publication regularly publishes new scripts and conducts competitions among writers.

Anton Dolin admitted that the appointment of its chief editor of “Art cinema” — “this is a huge honor and a huge responsibility” for him. According to him, now “the main task — to save the log and exit the crisis in which we were primarily due to the loss of Daniel Dondurey”. “We will try to create a new “cinema Art”, following the direction given to them. It will be smart and sophisticated, but at the same time accessible and exciting magazine — not only about cinema, but about art and society. As it was before. And in the future, I’m dreaming, “Art cinema” is not only a magazine,” said Valley publication Meduza. He noted that now the magazine needs to attract partners, authors, readers and money. “Editorial Board remains unchanged, and over time will expand”, — he stressed.

Anton Valley for 41 years. He is a Russian journalist, critic, presenter of the radio station “Mayak”, “Vesti FM” and the film critic of the TV show “Evening Urgant” on the First channel. Cooperates with such publications as The New Times, Billboard, New, newspaper, newspaper.ru, Expert, Meduza, Snob and others. Twice winner of the Guild of film critics of Russia for the book “Lars von Trier. Control work: Analysis of interviews. Dogville: a Scenario” (2004) and “Hermann: Interview. Essay. Scenario” (2011).

On may 14, after the death of Daniel Dondurey, in comments to “echo of Moscow” Anton Dolin noted that “Art cinema”, the country’s only art paper monthly magazine, is issued regularly only thanks to Daniil Dondurei. “It’s not a collective effort, it’s not tradition, it is not inertia. It was his daily efforts. said film critic. — Are all terribly afraid (and I do) that log something happens. Because it is unclear what efforts in the absence of such a power center, what was it, to glue it all. It’s all the efforts of dozens of leading intellectuals, who wrote and wrote and continue to write, of course, despite the drop in circulation”.

In addition, Anton Dolin recalled the pressure that was always on the “Art of cinema”, “especially after the opening speech of the Dondurei against Mikhalkov, their open conflict and the eviction of the magazine “cinema Art”, editorial from the building on the street Usievicha, which was once built for them.” The new premises were found, but, as noted by Valley, “some of these searches have taken away so much forces, nerves, time and energy that the magazine could not survive, but he survived.”

Now one of the main tasks of the new editor-in-chief is not only the preservation and development of the editorial policy of the journal, but also searches funding that allowed the publication to survive and emerge from the crisis caused by the described events.

Editor-in-chief of magazine “Art of cinema” became the film critic Anton Dolin 10.06.2017

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