“Gerald’s game”: Blue pills 06.10.2017

The novel “Gerald’s Game“, on the one hand, is a typical novel of Stephen king with all these references to other novels, quite a workhorse morality and presence in the story is absolutely false elements purely for beauty,”Netflix“, by ordering this adaptation, was to understand that there can be problems since the Director Mike Flanagan (“Ouija”) in General are not so visionary, that one movement of eyebrows with this whole mess out. Based on this same destination from Reggie was necessary to remove still primarily hermetic Thriller, and then feminist drama (otherwise, would have appointed some Karin Kusama, right now it is fashionable), but eventually happened, and obviously it is the role of material predominated there.

According to the formal (and very short) story a couple arrives at a deserted cottage village to surrender to the there role-playing games. Not very hungry for glavgeroy in this case is handcuffed to the headboard, and her husband — lying on the floor after a heart attack a corpse. While his wife tries to get around her wandering dogs and maniacs in my head say the voices, and the inflamed consciousness torment pattern of abuse of his own father during the Eclipse (apparently a coincidence of the release of the film with the recent Eclipse in the USA is also not accidental).

But it’s on paper. In fact Karl, Guggino in a carefully ironed kombinace looks is not the victim of a treacherous husband and the circumstances, but it is a stout with Malfoy with boredom eager to have at least some pleasures, and unhappy unless that man no little blue pills are not moget, and where the king heart attack precedes a punch in the balls, in the film — traditional marital accusations of impotence. In General, as the Director puts the items on the site (that is such a quest with handcuffs), a film that does not cease to be such a drama in a bad Broadway style, where the actors take turns to turn to the audience and say another monologue.

In fact, for a Thriller there is only a dog, slowly eating hubby in the corner, while all these voices (and “girlfriend” replaced by her husband that finally turns into a protracted family quarrel), Eclipse, dads, young version of glavgeroy and most importantly the notorious necrophiliac so static and uninteresting that inevitably begin to think about what the heroine mental, but it doesn’t work from the word “never” to portray a psychoanalyst fictional character as boring as cheering at a chess match. Everything else the Director thoroughly eliminates all sharp points — and the father did not seduce, and, on his knees planted, and hubby so, Loch foot, and fixation on getting insurance brings to the final weird touch of doubt, but not soaked if the heroine hubby, presenting everything else as we have shown, in General, thumbed any attempted utterance, but the real Thriller with a broken glass in the movie — short featurette while the level of the Broadway drama turned out not even at the level of the second act of “Streetcar named desire”.

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“Gerald’s game”: Blue pills 06.10.2017

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