Global box office: “blade Runner 2049” has become a leader in 45 countries 10.10.2017

1. “Never talk about death,” 66 million dollars

In China since last Friday was a big national holiday, so the local (and not only) rental has produced several major national blockbusters. We wrote about this a week ago, suggesting that for the week weekend of noisy Chinese new strangle each other, and the rest will satisfy your curiosity and will leave for Sichuan to look for mushrooms. Failed.

In the second week of hire the main premiere overgrown sundress and collect even more than in the premiere days. Especially surprising is the Comedy “you Never talk about death”, which still takes at 18-25 million dollars a day. For the first 10 days of hire it has already gathered 229 million dollars. Recall that last week’s top team from Mahua “goodbye, Mr. Loser” collected 209 million, which two years ago seemed very serious achievement.

“Blade runner 2049”

2. “Blade runner 2049”, 50,2 million dollars

Second place at the start — it’s not exactly the outcome sought by the distributors after the premiere in 63 countries. Disaster and tragedy in this yet, but just to follow charges paintings by Denis Villeneuve will now have special attention. The sequel started with the first line in 45 countries of the 63, the best figures demonstrated the Kingdom (8 million dollars), Russia (us $ 4.9 million), Australia ($3.6 million), France (3.6 million dollars), Germany ($3.3 million) and Spain ($2.6 million). Fees 669 IMAX screens was 9.1 million is the second successful October release in the history of this format after “Gravity”.

3. “Kingsman: the Golden ring”, 25.5 million dollars

After two weeks on top, the spy sequel went down to bronze place. Not to fall down deeper he helped national holidays in South Korea, where the film took 8.2 million dollars, and being here on the third line. South Korea is the main market for the movie Matthew Vaughn (32.5 million dollars). On the second place — United Kingdom (25,4 million dollars), the third — Australia ($12.7 million), followed by Russia ($11.8 million) and Taiwan (9.6 million dollars). Thus, worldwide, the sequel has collected $ 253 million, 43% better fees the first film.

4. “Fortress Namhansanseong”, 21 million dollars

About holiday in Korea, we’ve just above mentioned, so it is not surprising that the new historical epic with Lee Byung Hun in the role of the Korean ruler was forced to go to the movies half of the country. Shakespearean magnitude tells how after the invasion of the Manchus in 1636 the king and his court fled from the capital, hidden in the old mountain fortress.

5. “It,” 19.8 million dollars

Clown Pennywise stormed last week another important strategic level. This time at $ 600 million. Please note that this fantastic sum, there is not a single dollar from China. The total correct score $ 604 million. The most successful markets — the United Kingdom (40.8 million dollars ), Mexico (26.5 million dollars), Germany (24.7 million dollars), Russia (18.3 million dollars) and Brazil (18.2 million dollars).

6. “Chasing dragons”, 17,2 million dollars

Thanks to the perfect sundress gangster retrogram from Hong Kong with the participation of Donnie yen and Andy Lau ahead of the new Jackie Chan movie. The bar at $ 100 million this movie will not take but a couple of weeks will hold.


7. “Alien”, $ 17 million

The film with Jackie Chan couldn’t jump over bronze Chinese lines. Fees for 10 days in China, 67 million dollars. Plus a little less than 2 million were collected abroad. Three days later, the Thriller Martin Campbell kicks off in the States, but this is a very serious conversation. Jackie Chan in Hollywood was not for a very long time, so the success or failure of the film “Alien” will determine the future of many of his American projects. And the fact of whether he’s still Hollywood.

8. “Crime city” 13.1 million dollars

Another new Korean Thriller. This time with the participation of a charismatic man MA Dong-Seok, whom many remembered from “the Train to Busan”. MA plays a Seoul detective who specializiruetsya at work with the Koreans from Chinatown — illegal migrants of Korean descent who have returned to their historical homeland, but still continue to work for Chinese gangsters.

9. “Rock city”, 12.2 million dollars

Another Chinese film. Was in our top last week.

10. “Heavenly hunter” 10.6 million dollars

Fifth Chinese film in today’s top. Was also in the top ten a week ago.

In the global box office last weekend of the ten paintings, five tapes of Chinese, two Korean, three American. A week ago, the situation was similar in many ways: five Chinese, two Indians and only three American.

Global box office: “blade Runner 2049” has become a leader in 45 countries 10.10.2017

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