Global box office: “Pirates” gathered more than 200 million 07.06.2017

1. “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales”, 208,4 million dollars

The fifth film about Jack Sparrow has started better than all the forecasts. Analysts-optimists predicted at the start of 150-170 million dollars. In the end, all markets (except Indian) the film was on the first line. In a half-dozen top markets the first day even set a new local record for 2017 (Germany — 3.6 million dollars, France — 2.3 million), but most of all surprised, of course, Russia. 18.4 million dollars — that was a new record for first weekend.

It is predictable that an important role in the successful launch played China, where the return of “Pirates” as if accidentally fell on the dragon boat Festival. Fees in China ($66.3 million) more than in the USA. Other Champions — South Korea (11.6 million), Germany (8.4 million), Mexico (6.9 million), UK (6.3 million).

2. “Dangal”, 11 million dollars

The phenomenon of Indian “Dangal” continues to shake the Chinese box-office. In the fourth week of hire in China, the picture retains the second place not only in China but a gun across the planet. Let the palm went to the Pirates, Aamir Khan and his girls haven’t pack my bags. Total fees “Dangal” in China is 134 million dollars.

3. “Alien: the Covenant”, 10.8 million dollars

A new film about the adventures of alien you can see in 77 countries. Yet in the Bank “Foreign” (including fees of the United States) is 161 million dollars with a budget of 97 million, but the end results are, quite possibly, will depend on the start in China and Japan. Currently best figures are: UK — $ 14.4 million, France 8 million, Russia — 6.7 million Germany — 3.8 million.

4. “The sword of king Arthur,” the $ 10 million

“The sword of king Arthur”

Despite the dubious start, the film guy Ritchie keeps firmly in place in the beginning of the international top. Premiere countries the picture is almost gone (besides this week kicks off another blockbuster Warner film “Wonder woman”), but 64 countries, where the pattern is still actively rolled, show on the second and third weeks are not that bad numbers. The best final results — Russia (11.1 million dollars), China (8.1 million), UK (4.8 million), Brazil (4 million), France (3.9 million). At the moment, “Arthur” 120 million (only 35 of which came from the States) with a budget of 175 million dollars.

5. “Guardians Of The Galaxy. Part 2,” 8.2 million dollars

Post passed, post took. The second “Guardians” are gradually leaving the big ten in the sunset, behind the fifth week, the place and the hype following the disney sequel, “Pirates”. The last Bastion of fans of the marvel cosmos, Japan, after three weeks, the film finally sank 33%. Of the country where “Guardians” has collected the most at this hour, China (98,3 million dollars), the UK (48.8 million), Russia (27.3 million), Germany (27.1 million), Australia (23.1 million).

6. “Off,” 7.3 million dollars


Of remarkable the Prime Minister only Mexican (0.8 million dollars). All other fees — continued the successes of previous weeks. Especially success in South Korea, where the horror movie Saw Jordan slipped from first line to third, but was able to add 3.5 million. Collections of paintings in the United States — 175,2 million dollars, outside the United States — 65,8 million.

7. “Alive,” 5.2 million dollars

The only country where space Thriller “Live” is still active hire, is China. Total fees paintings — 93 million with $ 58-million budget.

8. “Our President,” 4.3 million dollars

Another alarm bell to start the review of Yaroslavna’s lament, saying, where is the international box-office! On the eighth line tens — a documentary film from South Korea called “Our President”, which is now at home the second position.

The movie is about President Roh Moo-Hyun, who was in power from 2003 to 2008. Unable to bear the charges of corruption and receiving bribes from textile giants, Roh Moo-Hyun, a year after the completion of his term he committed suicide by jumping from the picturesque Owl’s cliff near his village. In the suicide note, suicide said: I’m going through a hard time, I ruined the life of too many people.

9. “God of war”, 4.2 million dollars

“God of war”

As mentioned above, in China at the weekend held a dragon boat Festival, as well as the massive premiere of the new “Pirates.” The real Neptune Day lasts three days. It is logical that local filmmakers released their own pirate epic as an alternative to the disney blockbuster.

1557. Pirates for several decades, Rob Eastern borders of China. After pirates captured a large port city Zangan, the city sends staff to help the old commander Yu Tao (Sammo hung) and his younger ambitious colleague Qi Ciguena (Vincent Zhao), confident that the war with the pirates and you need to make your point. This requires only two things — discipline and… a new army.

The film is colorful, large-scale, from one of the veterans of the old Hong Kong. Here only it became clear that cinemas are not in a hurry to put it, giving almost all sessions of the new adventures of Jack Sparrow. The network has begun the excitement: where is the promised government protectionism against Chinese paintings? Ended the conflict with the fact that “Pirates” was released Friday, and all the other local releases on Saturday. They say, we have a long weekend. If the movie is good — not drown.

10. “Sachin”, $ 3.7 million

Another very unexpected movie in the chart. Again, completely unformatted. National semi-documentary biopic of the Indian hero Sachin Tendulkar. The living “God of cricket”.

Cricket in India — the national idea of the first order, and Sachin represented Indian team at international tournaments and the team of his native Mumbai for 22 years. Three years ago, 40-year-old Sachin announced his retirement from sports, being the winner of all possible awards in cricket. In the film, James Erskine, the athlete himself talks about some episodes of his biography, accompanied by staged scenes.

Meanwhile, the “fast and furious 8” is the sixth in the history of film, brought together in the foreign distribution of more than a billion dollars. Total fees action — 1,224 billion.

Global box office: “Pirates” gathered more than 200 million 07.06.2017

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