Global box office: planet of the apes raided in China 19.09.2017

1. “Planet of the apes: War”, 62.3 million dollars

After a long two and a half months after the start of the international rental monkey trikvel sailed to China and had taken full control in this country last weekend. For Fox it was a real icing on the cake, perfect final chord, fully confirmed the correctness of its new slow strategy. In addition to this trikvel set of products of the Studio a new local record, which previously belonged to “Logan” (38,9 million). It now remains to show the film only in Japan.

Current fees paintings — 432 million dollars, with an official budget of $ 150 million.

2. “It,” 60.3 million dollars

In the second week of hire a horror movie Andres, Mosketti almost blown away (falling to 37%) and continues to show fantastic for its genre figures. An incredible start was recorded at the picture in Mexico, where she took a bite 90% of the fees from all of the weekend (13.5 million). Took a bite and immediately set several local records: the best start in September, the best start for a horror film at all, the best start in IMAX for a movie age rated R, and the third successful launch for movies Warner Bros. Reports of similar records came also from Israel, Turkey, Portugal and Sweden ($2.6 million at the start). If to speak about the countries where the picture showed the second consecutive week, the first place she had successfully maintained in Russia (a total of 13.8 million dollars), Brazil (a total of $ 10.9 million) and Spain (total $ 10.9 million). Next week clown Pennywise will go to the kids from France and Argentina.

3. “Spider-man: coming home,” 15.1 million dollars

Due to the taxes in one small Asian country (93.3 million dollars for 10 days) spider-Man-like monkeys, I woke up, stretched and no longer feels like a loser. In that moment, when you read these lines, he’s probably ahead on the fast and furious fifth movie; 2017 (the sequel to “Guardians of the Galaxy”, 863 million dollars) and, most likely, the fourth (a sequel to “War of wolves”, 873 million dollars). But to the third he is likely not to jump (trikvel “Despicable me” with 1,015 billion).

4. “Made in America”, 12 million dollars

This week, the movie with Tom cruise came out in South Korea ($1.9 million), France ($1.8 million) and Italy (1.1 million dollars), after which the film was 48.8 million. They say that the movie status polyavchenko, such as “Operation “Argo”” or “American hustle”, so the modest fees is the norm.


5. “Mercenary” 6.2 million dollars

Thriller about terrorism from the Studio Lionsgate, was launched in 41 countries. Markets with traditionally large audience potential in this list, only two — the United Kingdom (0.9 million dollars) and Australia (0.9 million dollars). It is curious that on the territory of the Emirates (1.1 million dollars) and their neighbors in the Middle East session of Michael Cuesta was even above what some of the marketers should seriously consider. In Russia the film will start next week.

6. “3 cars”, 6.1 million dollars

Cars are slowly returning to the garage. Last week, the trikvela successfully launched in Italy (4.1 million dollars), which helped take the cartoon international level in 200 million. Next week cars will visit Germany, after which their rental is closed and, Verdandi and Skuld is going to decide the fate of the franchise. Now the total fees trikvela be 359,6 million dollars.

7. “mother!” $ 6 million

Darren Aronofsky’s film was released in 14 countries. About the burnt cinemas like nobody writes, but some analysts cautiously summarize that the inhabitants of large cities belong to the new wizard is a little better than everyone else. The best start of the weekend — France (third place, $ 1.3 million), Russia (second place, $ 1.1 million) and the UK (third place, $ 1.1 million).

8. “Sword master online: Ordinal rank”, 5.8 million dollars

Japanese anime jamb moved in the Chinese car. It is interesting that the distributors in China of all the Japanese cartoon one and most important (China Film Group), but this does not prevent him to issue their releases two weeks in a row. For example, last week we wrote about the “voices” today — feature “master of the sword online”.

9. “Dunkerque”, 5.7 million dollars

Christopher Nolan last week set a new record. His “Dunkirk” became the highest grossing film about world war II in the history of world cinema. Nolan can now exhale and disappearing from the radar for another couple of years. Total fees of his paintings — 508,3 million. It seems to be still rolling in a grid of 48 countries, but the intuition: today we said goodbye.

10. “Invisible guest”, 4.8 million dollars

Spanish detective with Mario Casas “Invisible guest”, was released in native hire in early January and since then, leisurely rides around the world. Left behind Argentina, Jamaica, Brazil, Uruguay and Greece. And now China. Fees for three days more than in the previous eight months. This is no coincidence. “Guest” — the first Spanish film in cinemas across China. An open demonstration of international partners that last week China cooperates also with the Spaniards. Up to this point the shortcut to the Kingdom belonged to in Europe, only the French, but those days seem to symbolically went along with the “Valerian” by Luc Besson.

Global box office: planet of the apes raided in China 19.09.2017

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