Global box office: the Film “Kingsman: the Golden ring” showed great class 26.09.2017

1. “Kingsman: the Golden ring”, 61,2 million dollars

The leader of last weekend — the sequel to the hit spy “Kingsman: the Secret service” from Fox. The sequel was released simultaneously in 64 countries and in all but nine managed to win first place in the local hit parade. A country where a British subject, was adopted the best of all is, of course, the UK (11.1 million dollars). In the second place the power with not less than the ancient cult of state security — Russia ($6 million). Then Taiwan (4.8 million dollars), Indonesia ($3.3 million), Malaysia (2.8 million dollars). In General, the start was recognized as the Fox is extremely successful. He was about 66% better than the original picture. Ahead of the sequel, expect a big premiere in China, South Korea, France and Japan, where the first part were met perfectly, so for the premiere continue preparing for months.

2. “It”, 38,3 million dollars

The story about the dancing clown continues to break records. Around the environment it is predictable take in the fantastic bar for horror films half a billion dollars. The current account of global hire — 478 million dollars. The main premiere of last week — France (6.3 million dollars) and Argentina (4.1 million dollars). The best results in countries for two of the weekend: UK (34.5 million dollars), Mexico (21.1 million dollars), Russia (16.6 million dollars), Australia (14.9 million dollars) and Brazil (14.5 million dollars).

3. “Planet of the apes: War”, at 19.3 million dollars

Trikvel “Planet” stays a second week atop the Chinese box office. Fees for the 10 days — more than 100 million dollars. Fox leads the dances and prays to Guan Yu, but understand that the happy left a bit. Just a few days China will celebrate the annual Day of education of China — and that’s a big national weekend, so the Chinese will hire six major Chinese blockbusters. There will be an “Alien” with Jackie Chan and action movie with Orlando bloom, fantasy, and Comedy, and army Patriotic. Either those movies epically drown each other or in this section in a week again will be a lot of movies from the East.

4. “The bodyguard killer”, 12.8 million dollars

Since its premiere in mid-August, “the Bodyguard Hitman” constantly hanging out somewhere outside of our top, so we completely missed that with a budget of 30 million he’s already earned 162 million dollars, which at our times for city action — no joke. Let me remind you that fees universal favorite “John Wick 2” with a budget of $ 40 million totaled 172 million. Four days ago, “Belarusian” adventure Reynolds was released in China and immediately began to bring cheerful money — $ 16 million for four days. In the air, well, I smell a sequel.

“Jai Lava Kusa”

5. “Jai Lava Kusha”, $ 11.3 million

While the Chinese are preparing for the holidays, Indians around the globe hard to celebrates the autumn festival of the goddess Durga in all its manifestations. Thanks to this last week — a sudden triumph of the Theme. Not even classic bollywood and the South and a very stern fellow, producing paintings on teluscom. Local star Rama RAO Jr. were released to screens in 12 countries striking a multi-genre Vampuka, where he played three twin brothers: a petty street thug, an honest banker and a scary villain named Ravana. The film is touted effectively and in three different ways (three heroes), so I got the project at the start, better than many forecasts. 11 million dollars with a tail — fees for two and a half days.

6. “LEGO. Ninjago. The movie,” 10.5 million dollars

The second Lego movie for the year gathered last Friday of colored cubes in 37 countries, mostly not the top-end for the entire franchise. The most important is the UK and Australia, but they will see a new cartoon in October, a few weeks after Koreans, Brazilians, Mexicans, and other Latin America. Best starts of the first week is again Russia (a modest $ 1.7 million), Germany ($1.1 million) and Spain ($0.6 million). After the previous cartoon about Batman did not take off in China, local distributors are in no hurry even to name the date of the official release. Despite the name of Jackie Chan in the credits.

7. “Invisible guest,” 6.5 million dollars

Last week we wrote about the fact that in connection with the new political trends in China, first released Spanish film. At the start he got about five, but the sundress was so good that on the second week the detective with Mario Casas raised ten more. And it is not yet the limit.

8. “Spider-man: coming home,” $ 6 million

Peter Parker continues to hold the feeder, oblada their neighbors and enemies in the comics. A week ago he overtook a sequel to “Guardians of the Galaxy”, this week left behind “Batman and Superman”, earning status as the sixth collection film kynoselen Marvel Studios. Total fees restart 875 million If you believe the reports, the tape still turning in 40 countries.

9. “Made in America,” $ 6 million

Last week, the movie with Tom cruise came out in Bolivia, Ecuador, Venezuela and Colombia. The last fact seems particularly symbolic, although fees from a country with a population of 48 million people barely amounted to 260 thousand dollars. This week’s tape of Doug Lyman will arrive in India, Paraguay, Uruguay and the United States and Canada. After this great start in math.

“Ay Ken SPIK”

10. “Ay Ken SPIK”, 5.2 million dollars

Korean Comedy c Lee Jae-Hoon about a pensioner, who teaches English and torments social workers, suddenly became a new hit in South Korea. The project, released a small indie film distributors from Myung Films, not just grabbed half of all national fees with the weekend, but was also sold in a number of neighbouring countries.

There is a certain irony in the fact that last week the Turkish box-office was headed by a hillbilly Comedy called “ay Lav Yu Tu”. There is a sequel to the 2010 film “ay Lav Yu” half bypassed at the start of the spy action “Kingsman: the Golden ring”.

Global box office: the Film “Kingsman: the Golden ring” showed great class 26.09.2017

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