Global box office: “the justice League” ended the reign of “Torah” 20.11.2017

1. “Justice League”, 185 $ 5 million

185 $ 5 million at the start outside the US — a good amount (Alfred Hitchcock’s legendary “Thor” took at the start of the 151 million dollars), but the Studio was sure to come up at the start of all 200 million. The further fate of the painting — that is a serious question. Lack of holidays and vacations in the premiere week, the God of thunder back, and the Jedi on the horizon can capture part of the Titanic fees that are much-needed project with an unofficial budget of 300 million.

In each country where we started “League”, she ranked first at the box office. In Brazil, the picture is even set a new record (14.2 million dollars). In China “the League” started with 51.7 million dollars (by the way, the third “Thor” at the start was 55 million dollars). The rest of mathematics: UK (9.8 million dollars), Mexico (9.6 million dollars), South Korea (8.8 million dollars), Russia (6.5 million dollars) and Australia (6.3 million dollars). The modest fees of the major markets, Germany ($2.9 million). Apparently, there is no longer love Batman.

2. “Thor: Ragnarok”, 24.1 million dollars

For the third week the God of thunder everything is fine. Accountants melancholic Marvel Studios consider the money, putting the crosses on the numbers with lots of zeros. Total international charges to 490 million dollars. Along with the American — 738,1 million dollars. The film moved the clown Pennywise (685 million dollars) and took ninth place in the top ten highest grossing films of 2017. Speaking about the honor roll from Marvel, then General duties trikvel now there in eighth place. Immediately after the second “the First avenger” (714 million dollars) and “Dr. Strange” (678 million dollars).

The most successful markets: China (107,5 million dollars), United Kingdom (37.2 million dollars), South Korea (33.2 million dollars), Brazil (27.4 million dollars) and Australia (22.6 million dollars).

3. “Murder on the Orient Express”, 20.7 million dollars

World the film after two weeks — 148,2 million dollars. Over the past few days, the film has lost approximately 60% of the audience, but now no one believes this frightening problem. The most successful market — China (30,4 million dollars), then UK (23.1 million dollars) and Russia (11.2 million dollars). Next week the film adaptation of Agatha Christie starts in a dozen countries.

4. “The adventures of Paddington 2”, 8.4 million dollars

The British theme continues. Viewers around the world with happy to go (or ready to go) for this sequel, but take the money they carry cash, are not so simple. Usually, statistics on fees each blockbuster store themselves in the Studio-distributors. “The adventures of Paddington 2” — project of Harvey Weinstein, which filmmakers now do not want to work, so the film as a poor orphan, take only those who have hurt his heart. And most of all it hurts at Warner Bros. They already bought the rights to hire in the Hispanic community and now seems to be willing to pay 32 million dollars for the release in the States. The fact that “Paddington” is doing the same people as the “Harry Potter”, Warner used to work with them.

“The Golden monk”

5. “The Golden monk”, $ 8.1 million

Fabulous Comedy from Chinese Director Won Jin found the strength to speak out against Batman and Thor, but the results were rather modest. This week, the film starts in Singapore and throughout the rest of the far East, but his return to the top ten in a week is highly questionable.

6. “Happy day of death” $ 8 million

Horror film from producer Jason Blum started in France from the second spot ($1.6 million). He’s not the first week rolled in 50 countries and had to overcome a lath in $ 100 million. South Korea remains this film’s most successful market (7.6 million dollars), where he is a little ahead; the previous champion in this genre, “don’t breathe”.

7. “Very bad mommy 2”, 5.1 million dollars

New premiere countries of the sequel last week was not. Place in the top ten it retains solely due to the fact that is the only American Comedy in a rolling grid. Total fees — 77 million dollars.

8. “Saw 8”, 4.1 million dollars

After four weeks in theaters, the eighth film in the franchise reached the first notable level of 50 million dollars. If to consider charges in the United States — $ 89 million. Can it be called a franchise then revived? Very doubtful. Let’s just look at the fees each of the previous part. Draw your own conclusions.

  • “Saw” — 103,9 million dollars with a budget of 1.2 million dollars
  • “Saw 2” — 147,8 million dollars with a budget of $ 4 million
  • “Saw 3” — 64.8 million dollars with a budget of $ 10 million
  • “Saw 4” — 139.3 million dollars with a budget of $ 10 million
  • “Saw 5” — 113,8 million dollars with a budget of 11 million dollars
  • “Saw 6” — 68,2 million dollars with a budget of 11 million dollars
  • “Saw 3D” — 136,1 million dollars with a budget of 17 million dollars

9. “The mystery of Coco”, of $ 3.6 million

New cartoon Pixar for four weeks rolled only in one country — Mexico. Four weeks in one country and four weeks in the international top ten. Such can only afford the Chinese, and that is very, very rare. Last weekend, the cartoon reached 48 million dollars and became the highest grossing film in the history of the country. Just a couple of days this picture will start a big international release, but it would be a different story.

“A bright future”

10. “Bright future” $ 2.9 million

All so scared by the release of “League” and “the Torah” that the planet no hurry to release new big movies. For this reason, in tenth place of the top international — Hong Kong film by John Woo “Bright future”, filmed in 1986. The film was released in Chinese wide release in a restored version, like not so long ago on the Russian screens there was “Terminator 2”. Returning to the “Bright future”, it should be noted that the distributors were hoping for a much more serious amount. For example, the restart in 2015, the restored versions of two movies of the “Chinese Odyssey” with Stephen Chow has brought the companies about 30 million dollars.

Global box office: “the justice League” ended the reign of “Torah” 20.11.2017

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