Harvey Weinstein was fired from his own company for harassment 09.10.2017

The Board of Directors of the Weinstein Company fired the producer Harvey Weinstein because of numerous allegations of sexual harassment.

“In light of new information about the misconduct of Harvey Weinstein, appeared in the last few days, the Board of Directors of the Weinstein Company decided and advised Harvey Weinstein that his employment with the company terminated”, — quotes the edition of the New York Times a statement of the Board of Directors.

Previously, the newspaper New York Times published the results of its own investigation, reporting numerous cases of harassment by a producer, which was not previously known. According to the publication, Weinstein for decades, starting around 1990, molested women, promising to help them with a career. Among the victims of his domagalski was a famous actress, an employee of the company and many others.

Sam Weinstein in a statement the Times has previously acknowledged that his behavior “hurt” colleagues, and apologized.

The Weinstein Company was founded in 2005 when the brothers left Miramax Weinstein. Biography producer Harvey Weinstein is replete with names of iconic images. Among them, “reservoir dogs”, “pulp fiction,” “the English patient,” “Good will hunting”, “the Aviator”, “Chocolate”, “the Talented Mr. Ripley,” “the Lord of the Rings”, “Kill bill” and many others. Companies Miramax and the Weinstein Company have accumulated more than two hundred nominations for “Oscar” and dozens of breakthroughs on the market.

Sam Weinstein was on the one hand rescue and an advocate for many prominent Directors, going to his work contrary to the generally accepted norms and formats, among which the most famous is Quentin Tarantino, giving them a unique platform to market their films, on the other hand is known as an aggressive and unscrupulous businessman in relationships with Directors and producers.

Harvey Weinstein — commander of the order of the British Empire and French Legion of honor. In 1999 the production was awarded an Oscar for “Shakespeare in Love”.

Harvey Weinstein was fired from his own company for harassment 09.10.2017

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