Ian McShane about “Game of thrones”: “It’s just Boobs and dragons” 15.03.2016

Actor Ian McShane, who will appear in the sixth season of “Game of thrones”, does not believe that propelery the plot, because the megapopular HBO, in his view, “it’s just Boobs and dragons”.

It is reported by TheWrap.

In November, the actor was interviewed by Pop Goes The News and said the following: “I am responsible for the return of someone, whom you thought he will never return”. Fans who, naturally, had caught a hint of the resurrection of Jon snow, were outraged by such a blatant spoiler.

In addition, McShane propelery the fate of Stannis Baratheon, whose death in the finale of the fifth season was rather ambiguous and could be no definitive end to the character. However, MacShane said: “I agreed to do another series, because I wasn’t willing to see with his old buddies, Charles Dance and Stephen Dillano. But the creators assured that you killed their heroes.” Also the actor added: “I wasn’t sure that I schedule time for shooting, but I was promised that my character will only appear in one series. And then I said, “Oh, that means I’ll be killed. Excellent.”

Recall that Charles Dance played Tywin Lannister died on the toilet from the arrows of his son Tyrion. And Steven Gillan claimant to the throne Stannis Baratheon.

The other day Ian McShane commented on his earlier statements and have not expressed the slightest remorse for the spoilers: “I was accused that I revealed the story… But it’s just Boobs and dragons”.

The sixth season of “Game of thrones” starts on April 24th.

Ian McShane about “Game of thrones”: “It’s just Boobs and dragons” 15.03.2016

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