Jared Harris will play a Soviet scientist in the mini-series “Chernobyl” 27.07.2017

Following the announcement of the release date of the next picture of bond, appeared candidates for the position of Director, although in the end it could be a completely different person. Currently the Studio has three candidates: Denis Villeneuve, who’s filming right now is the sequel to “blade Runner”, the Brit David Mackenzie, best known for the films “at Any price”, “From start to finish”, “Music has connected us”, “Last love on Earth”, “Young Adam” and many others. The last candidate, he is, as they say, the choice of the Studio — Parisian Ian Demanzh, noting a couple of short films, several TV series and the only full-length film — “71”.

Wait for official appointments, but for now recall that for the script responsible Neal Purvis and Robert Wade, who have already made a notable contribution in the franchise’s last four paintings, brought together for the Studio over $3 billion In the lead role of agent 007 are still waiting for Daniel Craig, still not officially confirmed by producers Barbara Broccoli, Michael Wilson and studios EON Productions and MGM.

25 film about agent 007 James bond will be released November 8, 2019. At the UK premiere, according to tradition, will take place a little earlier.

After “Mission” Christopher mcquarrie will “Chameleon”

Christopher mcquarrie has signed a contract with Netflix on the adaptation of article by David Facet of the New Yorker in 2008,”the Chameleon” (“Chameleon”).

In the center of the plot — the story of a French con man Frederic Bourdin, who for 15 years, since the mid-1990s until his arrest in 2005, portrayed for the missing teenagers.
For many years he lived in the family from San Antonio in Texas, posing as their missing son, but also penetrated into the rooming house for young people, orphanages, foster homes, Junior high schools and children’s hospitals. Surprisingly, thirty years old, balding, the son of Algerian immigrant has been many years impersonating a teenage orphan.

It’s fraud included countries such as: Spain, Germany, Belgium, England, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Bosnia, Portugal, Austria, Slovakia, France, Sweden, Denmark and the USA.

Fraudster arrested thanks to the watchful teacher of the school who saw him in a TV program where he did not hesitate to appear, and established the true connection between him and the missing schoolboy. In recognition of the burden, he did all this with one sole purpose — he wanted love and attention, which are not received in childhood. In 2007, Bourdin married a French woman and had three own children.

The script for the psychological Thriller writing Terence winter (“the Sopranos”, “the Wolf of wall street”) and Carl Capotorto (“Vinyl”). Mcquarrie shoots the film and is its producer along with his wife Heather Mcquarrie, as well as Terence winter and his wife Rachel winter (“Dallas buyers club”).

The “triple border” found new artists

Mark Wahlberg, Charlie Hahn, Garrett Hedlund and Pedro Pascal (“Game of thrones”, “Drug”) have agreed to participate in the crime Thriller “Triple frontier” (the”Triple Frontier”). They will join previously joined the project Majorelle Ali (“house of cards” “the curious case of Benjamin Button”) and is likely to replace number of a long time among the participants: johnny Depp, Tom Hanks, will Smith, Channing Tatum and Tom hardy.

The film is set in the notorious border region between Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil, where the converging rivers Iguazu and paraná to form a hard controlled by the authorities of the plot, ideal for organized crime. Among the heroes of history an abundance of male characters.

Takes a picture of Director J. C. Chandor on the script by Mark Boal (“the hurt locker”).

The shooting of the project, which is almost ten years of trying to start production, begin in August and will be held in Colombia and in Hawaii.

Jared Harris will play a Soviet scientist in the mini-series “Chernobyl”

Jared Harris will play a leading role in the mini-series “Chernobyl” for the TV channel HBO. The script was written by Craig Mazin (“snow white and the huntsman 2”, “Catch a fat girl if you can”), directed by Johan Renk (“breaking bad,” “Walking dead,” “Vikings,” “Bates Motel”).

In the center of the plot — the events surrounding the Chernobyl accident, which occurred in April 1986. The authors are going to share a true story about people who sacrificed themselves for the salvation of Europe from a global catastrophe. Jared Harris will play a Soviet scientist chemist-the inorganic world-Valery Legasov, appointed a member of the governmental Commission on investigation of causes of accident and liquidation of its consequences. He was one of the first appeared on the scene and instead of two or three weeks spent there four months, seriously undermining their health. Legasov made decisions that helped prevent further explosions, and informed the government about the situation in the disaster area. He also suggested that the composition of the mixture, which was eventually covered the burning reactor, preventing its further destruction, and insisted on the evacuation of the city Pripyat. Two years later, in 1988, was found hanged in his apartment.

The shooting of the project, which will consist of five parts, will begin in the spring of 2018 in Lithuania. Producing the series is the President and program Director for HBO Cary Antholis. The production brings together HBO and Sky Television.

Follow our news and film frames will follow all the others.

Jared Harris will play a Soviet scientist in the mini-series “Chernobyl” 27.07.2017

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