Jared Leto was offered the leading role in “Bledsoe” 26.07.2017

Jared Leto received an offer to play a major role in the project Sony Pictures and Valiant Entertainment, Bludshot” (“Bloodshot”). Two years ago, the company announced the creation of a cinematic universe based on comic books “, Bludshot” and “the Harbinger” (“Harbinger”).

Summer offered the role of a former mafia hit man Angelo Martelli who is in the witness protection program. However, soon he kidnaps an FBI agent and instead of a new life Angelo becomes experimental top-secret government program to create the perfect soldier. He erased all memories implanted and billions of nanites, thanks to which he has powers and the ability to accelerated regeneration. Over time, some memories begin to return, and Angelo decides to take revenge on everyone who was involved in its transformation.

The Director of “Blodshot” appointed Dave Wilsonfilmed at Blur Studios movie clips for video games: Halo 2, Mass Effect 2, and BioShock Infiniteand also worked with Tim Miller at the “Tadpole”. For the scenario meets the Oscar winner Eric Heisserer, producer Matthew Vaughn. It is expected that the film will have at least one sequel.

Jared Leto was offered the leading role in “Bledsoe” 26.07.2017

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