Joe Carnahan to adapt “Uncharted” 30.07.2016

Daniel brühl, Rosamund pike and Vincent Cassel agreed to participate in the Thriller “Entebbe” (“Entebbe”). Screenplay — Greg Burke (“71”, directed by Jose Padilla.

The film will tell about operation Entebbe” made for the release of hostages of the aircraft company “air France” in June 1976. A group of terrorists from Pro-Palestinian organizations, the popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine hijacked a plane EN route flight tel Aviv — Paris. The pilot was ordered to land the ship at Entebbe airport in Uganda, whose President supported the terrorists. Then, the criminals freed hostages — not Jews and not with Israeli passports, the rest, including the crew, who did not want to throw the remaining passengers, closed in a separate room. The terrorists demanded that the governments of the several States to release 53 prisoners held in prisons in Israel, France, Switzerland, Germany and Kenya.

Only hostage left 105 people, four were killed.
The operation to rescue the people was taken by the special services of Israel and lasted 90 minutes. One of the ground teams was headed by the brother of Benjamin Netanyahu , Lieutenant Colonel Yonatan Netanyahu, was killed during the assault.

Daniel brühl and Rosamund pike will play in the group of the terrorists of the Germans, Wilfried Bose and Brigitte, Kuhlmann. The role of Vincent Cassel is not disclosed. Shooting begins in October.

Morgan Freeman is watching “the Nutcracker”

Morgan Freeman talks with the Studio Disney Pictures about the role of Drosselmeyer in the movie Lasse Hallstromthe Nutcracker and the Four worlds” (“Nutcracker and the Four Realms”).

While the new adaptation is just the main performer — Mackenzie Foy. She will play Clara. In fact, in the original Hoffmann tale, Clara is a favorite doll of Marie, the main character. The dance numbers in the film will perform professional ballerina misty Copeland.

The character Morgan Freeman is a senior adviser to the court, Drosselmeyer, Marie’s godfather, and her brother, Fritz, waiting for a gift from him on Christmas eve. The Nutcracker was among those that he gave, and Fritz quickly broke it a couple of teeth, trying to split the nuts. Then the ugly toy took Marie, and the night in their house burst into battle with the mice in which animated the Nutcracker proved himself a brave warrior. No one believed the stories of Marie on the night of the incident, but Drosselmeyer told the girl the tale of the enchanted Prince from the spell which wears off after the victory over the Mouse King.

The script of the new version of the famous tale written by Ashley Powell. The producers of the picture are: mark Gordon and Lindy Godstein.

Joe Carnahan to adapt “Uncharted”

The film company Sony Pictures has appointed Joe Carnahan’s new writer of the film adaptation of the video game “Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune“a year ago, which left the next Director Seth Gordon. At the moment Carnahan screenwriter is listed only because it is busy with another project — “Bad boys 3”, but considering how old the project is trying to start production, he has all chances to take place and subsequently Director.

The plot revolves around the treasure hunter and descendant of the famous pirate sir Francis Drake, Nate Drake, who learned the whereabouts of the legendary city of gold El Dorado. He embarks on a perilous journey to the mysterious island in the Pacific ocean. Drake’s plane crashes before reaching the final destination, and miraculously surviving, the hero and his companion are captured. They manage to escape and find the treasure that proved to be a gold statue protected by an ancient curse. The fight for the relic joins a group of mercenaries and the mutated descendants of treasure hunters from the Spaniards to the Nazis, eager to have a true mystery of the Golden statue.

In addition to the new writer, the project got a new release date — June 30, 2017.

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Joe Carnahan to adapt “Uncharted” 30.07.2016

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