Kevin costner and woody Harrelson eyeing the role of hunters in Bonnie and Clyde 22.06.2017

Netflix is trying to save announced four years ago, the movie “Thieves” (“Highwaymen”) about the capture of the famous American gangsters Bonnie and Clyde the Texas Rangers. In lost in time and space project, Netflix saw the potential, and now, as I believe the company will have to challenge the right on its production at Universal Pictures, which never finished the job. The main roles I want to get woody of Haralson, which has previously been mentioned in connection with the project, as well as Kevin costner. He, apparently, will replace Liam Neeson, who was supposed to play in the film one of the two Central roles.

“The thieves” tells the story of the legendary Texas Rangers
Frank Hamer and Manny Gault, who in the 1970-ies were the hunt for notorious criminals during the great depression Bonnie Parker and Clyde barrow. Although at the time of committing the crime a couple of series of crimes the Rangers have already left the service, the consortium of banks convinced them to come back and lead the police force as special investigators. Hamer, as an experienced hunter, examined the movement of the robbers, was their intended route and, together with Gault and two other Rangers — Bob Acorna, Ted Hinton, and two Louisiana officers Henderson Jordan and Prentiss Oakley, set up an ambush for the robbers. Very soon, the story of the elusive bandits ended.

Costner and Haralson offered the role of Hamer and Gault respectively.

The script for the film written by John Fusco (“Forbidden Kingdom,” “Hidalgo”), who later rewrote John Lee Hancock (“Saving Mr. banks”, “the blind side”, “the Alamo”). He is also listed as the Director of the project.

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Kevin costner and woody Harrelson eyeing the role of hunters in Bonnie and Clyde 22.06.2017

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