“Matrix time”: Girls 26.07.2017

Taking off five years ago his previous film scripted by Lena Dunham, the Director of the Ri Russo-young for so long thinking that completely missed tormenting us universal mania for girl the movie, so by the time “Before I leave“, granted we have a crazy name “Matrix time”, finally finished, was absolutely incomprehensible, how a movie position. Being formally dedicated to the “Valentine’s day”, this version of “Groundhog Day” absolutely did not fit nor in the canons of melodrama (too transparent and there’s random love), nor in the canons of thrillers (apart from the abundance of stupid deaths, it’s not scary for anyone and do not mind anyone), with the result that the rollers do not even have to bind the Prime Minister to February 14, and moved her in March, and who, as we have already for the summer.

The result was the concept of the genre of teen movie, where the first feminist uncomplicated with hardness made from “popular high school” notebooks stairway, and then hard poking zoey Deutch face Ekaterina Andreeva in the fact that the chances to escape from the trap of the one infinite day she is not, after all, derive it from the comfort zone, forcing you to resolve one after another accumulated over a few years, conflicts with parents, friends and two scatty guys — is gradually bringing the movie to the true concept. About the fact that if you’re a teenager, then you have problems, even if you popular teen. And these problems must be solved, preferably on time.

But then, being in power is built rules of the game, the film inevitably gets himself into a dead end, because there are no solutions and can not be. According to the results of the investigation realizing that teenagers will not fix in one day, the author strongly rooted in the existential drama in which the future of a strong-willed feminist (if you mentally continue this message in the future) suddenly finds out that if she was the best in the world or live for himself exclusively — the difference is almost exactly the makeup and ankle boots. Or you hate yourself or you hate everyone else. Or two in one.

If the writer of this film was the author of “the Girls”, she would, of course, wrote about this column on the Internet and made it a farewell party, where everyone would hate everyone, and Adam Driver in silence would series ago. Then, with a sigh, began to live on, but in this case it’s against the genre, because saying the sacramental “I’m saved”, the movie leaves the viewers with a feeling of unease in the Eucharist, they say, she lived this endless day for our sins. All the crying and diverge. And this makes sense. In fact, Hannah’s Bananas too, there are no “tens of thousands of days”, she invented the character, and so at least be honest.

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“Matrix time”: Girls 26.07.2017

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