Movie news for 01.10.2017 – Alain Delon has undergone surgery


The daughter of French actor denies the connection between these events, according to

Alain Delon urgently operated. “He several days complained of pain in the leg and back,” said his daughter. The operation was conducted in the femoral artery. Now the health of the artist is not in danger.

“Of course, he was very much upset after the news of the death of some speculative claims, but his hospitalization has nothing to do with it,” – said in an interview with Anouska.

In 1968, I met the actress Mireille d’arc. Mireille and Alain were partners for 15 years. 28 August 2017, the actress has died.

Recall that in 2006, after a six year break, I again starred in the movie. The actor played Gaius Julius Caesar in the Comedy of Thomas Langmann and Frederic Forestier “Asterix at the Olympic games.” Caesar, who could not break away from their own reflection in the mirror, Delon plays with irony: this role – a kind of parody on the actor.

Movie news for 01.10.2017 – Alain Delon has undergone surgery

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