Movie news for 03.10.2017 – The sequels “Avatar” will be the most expensive films in history


We already wrote about the fact that the total budget for the four sequels to “Avatar” will be about a billion dollars. Now it became known that the film production will cost even more.

Recently in a conversation with Variety co-Manager of the media company, 21st Century Fox (the biggest asset of which is the movie Studio 20th Century Fox) Lachlan Murdoch said: the upcoming sequel of “Avatar” will be “the most expensive movies of all time”.

The fact that this statement is not quite consistent with the information about the budget of one billion dollars. If you divide one billion four paintings, it turns out that the budget of each sequel will be 250 million. But 250 million is not a record for a Hollywood blockbuster. $ 250 million cost, for example, the eighth “fast and furious”. A similar amount was spent on the production of “Batman vs. Superman”.

Most likely, the inconsistency of the statements means that the real (not official) the budget of the new “Avatars” will significantly exceed one billion dollars. A similar situation was actually with the first film. Officially Avatar cost the Studio and Cameron in the same 250 million. But according to rumors, has been spent twice, that is 500 million.

Remember the words of the producer of drama “the hurt locker”, which was the principal competitor to “Avatar” in the Oscar race: he resented having to compete with the movie, “filmed over half a billion.”

Recall that the first “Avatar” has earned 2,7 billion dollars. So even if we assume that the Studio is willing to spend on shooting four sequels two billion instead of one, the cost will probably be repaid with interest.

Movie news for 03.10.2017 – The sequels “Avatar” will be the most expensive films in history

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