Movie news for 06.10.2017 – Penelope Cruz about age discrimination in Hollywood


43-year-old Penelope Cruz appeared in the latest issue of Interview magazine, answering the questions of the publication, which she asked 45-year-old Gwyneth Paltrow. The actress discussed about age discrimination in Hollywood. Penelope expressed his attitude to the question at hand and admitted he did not understand why this topic is of concern to many.

Cruz remembered the beginning of his career in film as a teenager and at that time rarely answered honestly to the question of how old she is.

I have spent most of his career in attempts to become older. When I was 22, reporters asked whether I am afraid of getting old? Crazy question for the 22-year-old girl… My parents worked hard to put children on feet, and not be distracted by nonsense. Their example taught me a realist. I admire my mom and my dad. When people start talking about aging, stop them immediately. Will not give a minute to ask a question about it. All this is not worth discussing. Some things changed after I gave birth to a daughter. Outside the window 2017. Why all women need to talk about aging? It’s crazy. This perception is only rooted with the advent of children, – said Penelope.

She remembered how in love with his future profession, and also talked about earlier passion and childhood dream.

When I was a little girl, dreamed of becoming a ballerina. In four years, entered the ballet school and was asked to give me the role of Carmen. I didn’t understand why I really like to dance. It was another form of acting. I trained for five hours six days a week. But in the 16-17 years starred in the first film and fell in love with acting. Since she stopped dancing – admitted Penelope.

Movie news for 06.10.2017 – Penelope Cruz about age discrimination in Hollywood

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