Movie news for 12.10.2017 – Emma Roberts called a home wrecker


Less than a month ago it became known that Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen who have been together for ten years and raising her daughter broke up. The stars themselves did not comment on and confirm even the fact of separation, so it is not surprising that the rumors around the couple do not cease. One such rumor linked with Emma Roberts, which allegedly caused the breakup of Hayden with Rachel.

As usual, the reason for the rumors was the joint work of 26-year-old Emma Roberts, and Hayden, who at 10-years-older star, together starred in the new movie “Little Italy”, and now appeared information about the fact that on the set a shared project between the actors sparked the novel. Their relationship Emma and Hayden from the public, of course, concealed, but Rachel Bilson could not hide – just like in a Hollywood melodrama Rachel found the correspondence of his beloved with another, and broke up with him.

Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen never sought to publicize their relationship, though dated almost 10 years. The stars met on the set of the film “Jumper” and since January 2008 have started to appear in public together, and in 2014 they had a daughter, Briar rose. Now Rachel lives with her daughter in Los Angeles and has picked up a new housing.

Movie news for 12.10.2017 – Emma Roberts called a home wrecker

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