Movie news for 12.10.2017 – It revealed the secret of the worst movies


Critics of the portal CineFix has analysed the techniques used in the most famous and high-quality horror, and made their rating. The video with the study of horror films published on YouTube.

First of critics placed “sudden fear” when in a quiet scene suddenly there is a terrible object. This technique is used in “the Exorcist”, “the Phantom of the Opera”, “Psycho”, “Mulholland Drive” and “the Astral plane”, announced the most effective because it gives the viewer an adrenaline rush. “This is the reason for the evolutionary origin of fear — the need to instantly raise your ass in case of danger”, — explained in the video.

Second place in the ranking took the reception with a plot twist at the end of the horror, like in the film “Friday the 13th”, “silence of the lambs” and “the hills have eyes”.

The third method is the “last girl”. This is when in the movies-the slasher (“Alien”, “Halloween”, “Scream”, “Nightmare on elm street”) is the sole survivor or last to the dead is a female character. Critics have suggested that fans of horror less sympathize with the men remaining with the antagonists alone.

Fourth reception recognized the plot twist, when in the film, where the characters fight with monsters, the main antagonist is a normal person. For example, in the movie “28 days later”, “Other”, “Devils” and “Blue velvet”.

In fifth place — location in a “haunted house”. This technique is found in particular in “the Shining”, “Amityville Horror,” “the Changeling” and “Poltergeist”.

At the end of September, it was reported that the film of 2017 “It” has set a world record for paintings of its genre at the box office.

Movie news for 12.10.2017 – It revealed the secret of the worst movies

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