Movie news for 12.10.2017 – Son Jean-Claude van Damme may be in prison


Son Jean-Claude van Damme will soon go on trial. It can be presented a list of accusations, including the threat of murder with a deadly weapon and drug possession.

21-year-old Nicholas van Varenberg was arrested September 10. It is reported that 21-year-old boy was confident in the successful outcome of the case. As it became known to journalists during the arrest he asked police a question: “do You want to become famous?”.

The evening of 10 September, the Nicholas neighbors called the police, so when I heard the terrible screaming of a young man – he was insane fighting in the Elevator – there were bloody footprints. However, Nicolas said that he was very upset, hit hard with a fist several times on the lift and broke his arm in blood. Such explanations were enough, all suspicions were removed.

However, immediately after leaving police officers Nicholas decided to vent anger on your roommate because he opened the door to law enforcement. Police returned just a few minutes when he heard the screams.

Nicholas was taken to the police station along with found during the search of evidence – a knife and marijuana. The officer wrote in the report that the guy is showing signs of mental illness. The lawyer Nicholas refused, and after talking with the judge, managed to have him released on bail of 10 thousand dollars. 56-year-old Jean-Claude has not yet commented on the situation. Media reported that the son he almost never communicates.

Movie news for 12.10.2017 – Son Jean-Claude van Damme may be in prison

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