Movie news for 25.09.2017 – Abrasive Paramount for J. J. Abrams


It is not news that from-for disagreements with Kathleen Kennedy Colin Trevorrow will shoot the ninth episode of “Star wars”. Recently it became known that the new Director is Director “the force awakens” J. J. Abrams, who turned out to be much stronger than it seems, binds the contract with the Studio-a competitor to Paramount.Back in 2006, houraisan entered the Studio a contract in which Abrams undertakes to take her hits, and the other side pays him for it for 10 million dollars a year – and it was. Over the years, Abrams has filmed for Paramount three films: “Star trek,” “Super 8” and “star trek: Retribution”, was produced by two “impossible” “Mission” and two films in the universe “Cloverfield” — “Cloverfield” and “Cloverfield, 10”.

However, Abrams, who promised to 2018 to ensure the successful Studio films, nothing filmed for the Paramount for four years – and the Studio have not enough hit. New Studio head Jim Gianopulos has a grudge against Abrams, which, despite the contract, fled to competitors to remove the obviously powerful hit and it is not for the first time in January 2013, Abrams signed on for the seventh episode of “STAR”, which angered the then head brad grey. Both heads of the Paramount could not understand why a Director with such a generous deal agreed to work on the side, and negotiations for Paramount to anything potentially hit not lead.

Gianopulos remains nothing how to ask Disney of reimbursement that will tolerate the Studio for those two years, while Abrams does not remove them for new masterpieces, and despite disappointment in the future Paramount will extend a deal with the popular Director.

Movie news for 25.09.2017 – Abrasive Paramount for J. J. Abrams

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